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The skincare I packed for NYC (a.k.a my current 'desert island' products)

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Here are some of the most important items I took with me to NYC. Travel always brings out the favorites....Forcing us to choose the products that matter most. Here are those things for me:

1. ISClinical cleansing complex This has been a long time fave-gentle and effective with an acidic PH. One bottle of this lasts me forever because you only need a little to get an effective cleanse. Code Penny gets 26% off.

2. Honest Beauty Gel to Milk Cleanser (oh gosh….a new fave!!!) OK...This is a really wonderful face "wash" I picked up recently. I apply it to dry skin and massage away and then add water...It changes instantly from a gel to a milk leaving the skin so SOFT and moisturized...This will certainly make my cleanse rotation for the foreseeable future.

3. Neocutis Neck Cream You know I am not a huge neck cream person...This one is different. Pairing glycolic acid with antioxidants and beta-glucan to make a resurfacing neck cream that also calms the skin. Code Penny gets 26% off.

4. UBeauty Resurfacing Compound I won't go on and on about this one. I simply love it. It is a gel/serum consistency that leaves the skin plump and hydrated while retexturing and imparting a glow over time. This is another product that lasts me quite a while. Code Penny gets 26% off.

5. Isntree TW-real Bifida Serum A perennial fave. Boasting 88% bifida this serum soothes, brightens and REALLY hydrates the skin.

6. La Roche Posay Redermic R Eye Cream My daily dose of retinol and caffeine under my eyes.

7. EVY Sunscreen If you haven't investigated this one yet you should. It is an incredible sunscreen mousse out of Sweden that protects MUCH LONGER than any other sunscreen I've ever used. I love the application, the efficacy, and also the amazing photoprotection it delivers. A non-negotiable in my skincare routine.

8. Droplette with collagen and glycolic capsules Another staple is my Droplette. If I could keep just ONE device, this would be it. All summer I was a collagen capsule devotee but recently I have upped my glycolic capsule use-daring the pigment I collected over the summer to stick around (it won't if I have my way). Code Penn75off for $75 off the entire first purchase (device and capsules that first time!)

9. Photozyme body cream I am on a mission to improve the skin on my body-and this body cream is part of my arsenal to do just that. Packed with DNA repair enzymes and omegas this cream hydrates, moisturizes, and repairs damage (check check check, amIright?).

10. Cerave Resurfacing Retinol (décolleté serum….I’m in love) This affordable serum is perfect for the décolleté-in addition to retinol (encapsulated no less) it also has licorice and niacinamide. Because it is affordable I feel really good about coating a large swath of skin (hello deck and hands) daily to improve lines and pigment.

11. Revitalash Scalp Foam and Eyelash Serum I am so excited about these two products!! Essentially a prostaglandin based foam for the hair (a la latisse...but for the scalp) and a a handy liquid liner-esque lash serum with that same tech to deliver longer, fuller lashes in a matter of a couple months. SO GOOD! code Penny gets 26% off revitalash at Skinstore regularly.

12. Primaskin Mist: this is not just some water spray, it is a magical concoction of powerhouse ingredients that somehow manage to take my skincare routine to the next level. I love it so much that I pay for a subscription (like I do for the Droplette) and I have gifted this to close friends. I especially love it these days with my Jane Mann Anma Lift tool (more on that soon).

Code PENNSMITH gets 15% off

13. Neova Silk Sheer 2.0 my favorite sunscreen with DNA repair enzymes. These days my sunscreen needs to be smarter and work harder for me....That is my EVY and my Neova. Brilliant formulations that go above and beyond when it comes to protection!

Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything. What a trip! Can't wait to share some of my skincare finds while there. I hope you are all safe and well!



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Ray Watson
Ray Watson
Apr 07, 2022

Using dermalmd even tone serum Its super hydrating, has mild fragrnace. I use it in morning and evening , and also after i finish my makeup. It has become an important part of my skin care regime. Go for it


Sep 05, 2021

Thanks for sending out this written information! It is always helpful! Your site is one I will always trust! You are one of a kind!! Enjoy your VC!

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