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12 Products SO GOOD I can't stop picking them up!

Updated: 4 days ago

I have a huge collection of skincare, haircare, body care and devices so it's nice to take an inventory of the things that I reach for over and over. This helps me determine what to repurchase and even what to have on backup :)

The products listed below are 12 things that I have used religiously over the last month (and honestly do not see myself stopping anytime soon). A few of these products are newer to me but have been in my routine daily since I got them. One is a cult favorite, another is one that I have had in my arsenal forever but recently picked back up and fell in love with it all over again.  Be sure to read the “fun facts” with each product…the more you know, you know?

Every month I am going to evaluate my skincare choices and try my best to pull old faves from my collection and USE them. What have you been reaching for most?

I hope you have the best day!

XX Penn

Be sure to check out my corresponding Youtube video! ⬇️

SO GOOD I can't stop picking them up!! Skincare | Devices | Body Care | Hair | Collagen


Dermelect Revitalite Professional Eyelid & Dark Circle Corrector

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What I love about this product: I have had this in my arsenal for a few years now and I strayed as I tried other things… After using it again I realized how much I have missed it. This product is packed full of great ingredients (two peptide complexes that are perfect in an eye cream: haloxyl and eyeseryl) and the cooling tip applicator is amazing in the morning!

Fun Facts:

Haloxyl is known for its ability to target the enzymes responsible for dark pigmentation under the eyes, effectively reducing the appearance of dark circles. Additionally, it aids in reinforcing the skin's structure, which may result in a more rejuvenated eye area.

Eyeseryl is known for its ability to reduce puffiness by enhancing lymphatic circulation, promoting a smoother and firmer appearance. Its peptide-based formula also helps improve skin elasticity, diminishing the appearance of fine lines around the eyes.

Special Offer: Now through June 8th Dermelect has offered 25% off MY TOP 5 FAVORITES! Just visit this landing page to see my curated list (includes my beloved Sleep Serum) and use code PENN25 at checkout!

COSRX The 6X Peptide Collagen Booster

What I love about this product: The ingredient deck in this is just WOW! It is an absolutely beautiful product and it’s affordable so it makes it easy to incorporate into my daily routine. Peptides are such important ingredients in skincare, stay tuned - I have a peptide video coming soon!

Fun Fact:

Oligopeptide-68 is known for its ability to inhibit melanin production, helping to fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation for a more even skin tone. Additionally, it promotes collagen synthesis, aiding in the reduction of fine lines while improving overall skin elasticity and firmness.

Check out these ingredients ⬇️

I've been pairing the COSRX Peptide Booster with one of my all time fave my moisturizers the Drmtlgy Peptide Night Cream and oh my what an amazing combo!!!!!!

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What I love about this product: This has been a favorite of mine for YEARS! Don’t let the “night” in the name fool you, this is also the perfect daytime moisturizer! Leaves my skin nice and hydrated and ready for my next layer… sunscreen! My current 2 faves are listed below ⬇️

But First…Fun Fact:

Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 helps to reduce inflammation and improve skin tone by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, leading to firmer and more resilient skin.

LightSaver Sunscreen

What I love about this product:

I just shared this in a recent New Discoveries video and I am telling you that it is SO GOOD! I have not stopped picking this up since I got it! 10/10 on this sunscreen! All mineral, tinted, layers great with all of my other products & has DNA REPAIR ENZYMES!!!! Plus Iron Oxides that add an extra form of protection from visible light. I am absolutely in love with this one!

Fun Fact:

DNA repair enzymes in sunscreen help to mitigate the harmful effects of UV radiation by repairing damaged DNA within the skin cells, reducing the risk of mutations and premature aging. By enhancing the skin's natural defense mechanisms, they contribute to maintaining skin health and minimizing the risk of sun-induced skin damage.

Dr. Rajani Age Defense Sunscreen

Dr. Rajani gave us a discount code! Just use code Penn10 at checkout.

What I love about this product: This is the other sunscreen that I literally cannot stop picking up, it layers so well with the Lightsaver sunscreen mentioned above (who doesn’t want an extra layer of protection from the sun???)  It is silky smooth and light-weight so works great when layering with other products!


HigherDose Red Light Therapy Hat

Code PENNHD gets a discount at HigherDose (excludes bundles, subscriptions and full saunas).

What I Love about this product: Anyone who struggles with hair loss or thinning (like me) knows that it is so important to stay consistent in your re-growth journey. This hat makes it so easy to be compliant, 10 minutes a day! It is also cute so I can easily take out my garbage or open the door for UPS without being embarrassed (much better than the helmets 😂) and it is so travel friendly!

Want to learn more about the HigherDose LED Hat and how it can help with hair thinning and hair loss? Watch this video ⬇️

Dr. Rajani PlasmaGlo LED Face and Jowl Mask

Dr. Rajani gave us a discount code! Use code PENN10 to save!

What I love about this product: I have been using this mask EVERY SINGLE DAY! I am in incredibly impressed with it especially since this is the first one that I have seen that has LED on the sub-mental (under the chin). I can confidently say that this is one of the best LED masks on the market!

Fun Fact:

Red light therapy stimulates collagen production, improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, it helps increase circulation and promotes wound healing - resulting in a brighter complexion.


The Pause Nutrition Collagen Skin & Bone

If you click on the link above you'll automatically a discount. This is a limited time offer (until June 9) as there are no other discounts out there!!

What I love about this product: I have been working on collagen content for a few years now and this has led me to use so many different collagens on the market… you name it, I have tried it! This one contains 2 different types of collagen- one that is essential for our bone health and the other one is essential for our skin health. I mix this in with water and it actually TASTES GOOD which is a major plus in my book!

Fun Fact:

Fortibone (in Skin & Bone) is specifically designed to support bone health by promoting bone density and strength. Its unique peptide composition has been shown to stimulate the production of collagen in bone tissue, aiding in the maintenance of skeletal integrity and reducing the risk of fractures.

The Pause Nutrition Omega-3 + Vitamin D & K

Through June 9th clicking on the link above to buy will get you a discount. This is a limited time offer as there are no other discounts out there!!

What I love about this product: I was taking a Vitamin D & K supplement from another brand but it was just so expensive! So I made the switch to Dr Haver’s, plus I am getting the added extra of the Omega-3 that I know is helping with my bones, my brain, my skin and so much more!

Fun Fact:

Omega-3s provide essential fatty acids that support heart health by reducing inflammation and lowering triglyceride levels. Additionally, omega-3s are beneficial for brain function and may help improve mood and cognitive function.

Cymbiotika B12 & B6

What I love about this product: I recently read that vitamin b12 deficiency may contribute  to hyperpigmentation and dark circles under the eyes (among other issues). So I started using this supplement and I love it because it is so easy to take, just 12 pumps and you’re done. It also contains fulvic minerals-major plus!

Fun Fact:

B-12 plays a crucial role in energy production, nerve function, and the synthesis of DNA. Supplementing with vitamin B-12 can help prevent deficiency-related symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, and cognitive impairment. It’s a great idea to CHECK your vitamin levels before supplementing and if you’re unsure, consult your doctor ❤️


REDKEN Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment

What I love about this product: This was recommended to me under one of my recent Youtube videos and I just want to say THANK YOU because this product has knocked it out of the park for me! I love the anti-snap protection, plus it leaves my hair soft and shiny without being weighed down. I am already on my second bottle!


Curel Deep Moisture Spray

What I love about this product:

I just bought this about 3 weeks ago and I have used it literally EVERY DAY since! This is a very sheer but super hydrating body moisturizer. I love products that give instant gratification and this is one of them. I spray this on and see immediate results with my dry skin!

Fun Fact:

Cholesterol (in skincare) acts as a natural emollient, helping to moisturize and repair the skin barrier, leading to softer and smoother skin. It also aids in restoring lipid balance, which can help alleviate dryness and reduce irritation, promoting overall skin health.

Find more of my favorites and other fun finds on my Amazon Storefront ⬇️


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