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My ellacor™ healing journey (with healing progress photos and tips!)

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

If you're reading this blog, I assume you've already read my overview blog on ellacor™ and also viewed my ellacor video:

I decided to create a second blog to go into more detail about how my friend and I healed from ellacor™, and to share tips we had. If you find this post helpful please sign up for my newsletter (on the home screen of this website) and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel! I'd love to have you :)

My biggest tip for healing well from any procedure is to be prepared. This means knowing all about the procedure, ensuring its right for your needs, knowing about how to prep your skin beforehand and to support optimal healing after. So that's what this blog is about!

My friend and I went through the Ellacor procedure twice, so we had a chance to learn and refine our approach. This blog is meant to be very pragmatic - us sharing what we learned. But it also has LOTS of healing progress photos - so feel free to skip right to them!!

BEFORE ellacor™

1. Learn all you can. Ask questions. Decide alongside your practitioner whether you're the ideal candidate for the procedure (does one of the women in the above photos have similar skin to yours?) Download this printable if you want some ideas of questions to ask your doctor. I'd advise an in-person consultation if possible, or at least on video.

2. Research practitioners. Ellacor™ is a brand new modality that's just come to the market in 2022. That means that most practitioners will have had only a short timeframe having used the device (some will have had much longer as the trials have been ongoing for several years.) Talk to prospective practitioners to determine how much experience they've had and ask what they've learned so far about the new modality. Importantly, ask to see before/afters and testimonials of THEIR patients.

3. Prep your skin. The more time I spend in this industry the more I believe that the better condition your skin is before a procedure, the better the outcome you'll have. Depending on your skin, you may want to focus on the following:

  • Building up your barrier and the strength of your skin

  • Making sure your skin is hydrated from the inside and outside

  • Pre-treating for PIH

  • Using growth factors to support the best outcomes

4. Prep yourself. Make sure you're 100% prepared for the day. Many clinics offer a 'goodie bag' of take-home skincare that's optimized for your healing, but some don't. Find out in advance, so you can be prepared!! You'll want to follow your practitioners instructions about the care of your skin in the first 24 hours. The important thing is to plan all of this before your procedure - the last thing you'll want to do with a red face full of removed cores is to need to run into Walgreens for Aquaphor 😅.

Remember when viewing the below pics, they were taken using our phones at various times of day using various natural and artificial light. Also, the focal length on selfies can distort proportions of faces (we look narrow in some and wide in others!!) , so please don't view the below pics as 'before/afters' but only to give a sense of the healing journey. Although the lighting isn't the same in every picture I hope you get the point of the pictures which was to give you an IDEA of our healing timelines. Also, some days I look better and then the next I'd look worse...It was not a linear healing experience. :)

My FIRST ellacor healing - January 2022

I had my first ellacor™ treatment in January 2022 at The Aesthetic Centers in Newport Beach.

My treatment was performed by Dr Agha (board certified plastic surgeon) and Chelsea Zysek (Board Certified Physician Assistant). This is a beautiful office with an incredibly kind staff. Both Dr Agha and Chelsea (PA-C) were wonderful. From the initial correspondence to now, Chelsea really goes above and beyond with patient care. I initially chose this office because I have family that live in Newport Beach and could plan a visit around the treatment.

My SECOND Ellacor healing - April 2022.

I had my second treatment in Miami at Miami Derm and Laser.

Dr Waibel is world renowned and has worked on Ellacor since its inception. Dr Waibel also performed my laser treatment (several months after my second Ellacor) which was absolutely amazing at clearing pigment. I paid for that treatment as well. Miami Dermatology and Laser is about as high tech as you can get....At the time of my laser treatment they had some 80+ lasers on hand!! Dr Waibel is a true pioneer and in my opinion wizard!

Nancy's FIRST Ellacor healing - April 2022.

Nancy's first healing pics. She was 55 in these photos. She had her first and second treatment at Miami Derm and Laser.

Nancy's SECOND Ellacor healing - August 2022

(she was 56 in these photos)

Here I am comparing Nancy's first vs. second healing photos because she used different products to heal...I think it's apparent that she healed more quickly after her second treatment. I attribute that to Droplette growth factors pre and post treatment and the Dermalux LED post treatment. A remarkable difference!!

First treatment Second treatment

AFTER Ellacor™

Healing from a procedure is very individual, but I thought I'd share the healing path experienced by Nancy and I during our two Ellacor treatments.

I healed more quickly/gracefully after the second procedure and I attribute that to two things. Firstly, I made sure I was practicing 'wet healing' by always using an occlusive barrier cream (for several days after) to help form a seal over my compromised skin. I chose Alastin but any number of occlusives will do. Secondly, I incorporated LED in my recovery the second time (but not the first).

What I did to support healing speed/quality after my Ellacor™ treatments:

Both times I had Ellacor treatments I used LED after. I kept my skincare extremely simple. In retrospect I wish that Droplette had launched their growth factors when I had my treatments but sadly they were not out yet (remember I had my treatments January and April, Nancy had hers April and August.... she got the benefit of their growth factors in August....lucky duck). One other thing....I WISH I had pretreated with hydroquinone. After my second Ellacor I developed pretty significant post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Hydroquinone would have been helpful in avoiding the excess pigmentation.

It is also important to note that Nancy had no hyperpigmentation, redness resolved in a reasonable amount of time and she actually has improved texture. It's amazing how different two people can be!

Here is a breakdown of what I did day by day:

- Before: I knew that this would be hard on my skin barrier so I paid extra attention to skin health. Lots of hydration: Iunik Beta Glucan (serum), ceramides, peptides- Drmtlgy Needleless Serum and Peptide Night Cream (code Penn saves 20% sitewide at Drmtlgy), Alastin Nectar and Reviv Serum (growth factors) (code PENNYSMITH for a discount).

- Day 0: Immediately after I used CeraVe ointment and/or Alastin post treatment ointment.

- Days 2 and 3: (the day following the procedure) I cleansed my skin very very gently with the most mild cleanser I own- my Vanicream cleanser I followed with a layer of CeraVe ointment or Alastin ointment.

- Day 4-6: I cleansed my skin very very gently with the most mild cleanser I own- my Vanicream cleanser. I followed with a layer of CeraVe ointment or Alastin ointment.

- Day 7: I cleansed my skin with Vanicream cleanser and added back in my Droplette with collagen capsule (AM), Reviv Serum (AM), OneSkin (AM) save 15% with code Penn15 and Drmtlgy Peptide Night Cream (PM over my hydrating serum (Iunik or Drmtlgy Needleless)...Sometimes I added an occlusive over this (vaseline) to prevent TEWL (water loss from the skin).

I wore sunscreen of course. I used Drmtlgy Universal Tinted Moisturizer Evy SPF 50, or Neova Silc Sheer just depended on my mood :). At least 5 days a week I did a LED treatment to encourage healing and fight inflammation (as well as help with lymphatic drainage).

I definitely was NOT using any retinoids or acids at this point. Everything was about nourishing the skin. This went on for the rest of the month.

- Day 30: Same as above but I added back in retinoids every 3 nights.

What Nancy did to support healing speed/quality after her second ellacor™:

Nancy had two additional tools at her disposal after her second Ellacor treatment: the Dermalux Flex LED and the Droplette Growth Factors (I reached out to Droplette and they have given me a discount on the growth factors to offer you: the code PennCapsules at checkout gets $80 off growth factors!). She feels they made a huge difference to her healing time and the overall quality of her skin while she healed. Note, both of these represent big financial commitments - it certainly isn't necessary to make these additional investments in order to get great results from Ellacor - but the healing difference was so remarkable that we wanted to share.

- Before: Nancy prepped her skin with Droplette with Growth Factor capsules daily for 14 days 2x per day in advance of the treatment.

- Day 0: Immediately after, Nancy used Alastin Soothe and Protect Recovery Balm and nothing else for 24 hours.

- Days 2 and 3: (the day following the procedure) Nancy splashed her face with water and blotted with a warm clean washcloth. Nancy began using Droplette GF capsules 2x per day for the next 2 weeks and continued using Alastin Balm morning and night immediately after Droplette. She also started daily 30 min sessions of LED - she used Dermalux Flex (ideal as with the dome there is no contact with the skin and the red/IR light hits the face uniformly)

- Day 4-6: Nancy dropped the Alastin Balm in the morning and instead used Droplette GF with Sukoyaka Suhada Urea Moisture Lotion, IuniK Beta Glucan and OneSkin FACE. In the evening Nancy used Droplette GF with Sukoyaka Suhada, Beta Glucan and Alastin Balm.

- Day 7: Nancy continued with Droplette GF with Sukoyaka Suhada Urea Moisture Lotion, IuniK Beta Glucan and dropped the Alastin Balm both morning and evening, switching to OneSkin FACE.

- Day 14:

AM: Stopped Droplette GF and switched to Droplette Collagen, followed by Sukoyaka Suhada Urea Moisture Lotion, IuniK Beta Glucan

PM: as day 7 onwards

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I hope this helps!!


To learn more about ellacor™ do over to their website

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FTC: This post contains product affiliate links for your convenience - if you choose to use them I will receive a commission. Penn Smith Skincare participates in the Amazon Associates program, an affiliate program. All Amazon links are affiliate. Again, this means that if you choose to use those links I will receive a commission.

This is not a sponsored post. I (nor Nancy) receive nothing if you book an Ellacor treatment, there is no affiliate relationship with the doctor's offices and I (and Nancy) paid for our treatments (in full) ourselves. We received no discounts for the treatments and we were not told what to say etc..

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Aloha from Hawaii...I watched your video and many others with before/after photo's before I had ellecor and was totally not prepared for what happened last week. I arrived and was given numbing cream and signed forms which stated do not do within six months of fillers but was assure it was ok as this same tech gave me fillers all over my face 6 weeks early. The shot were truly horrific and a 10 on th pain scale and she shot all over my face including my forehead , neck, temples at least 18. I was shaking and crying and literally Brought me to my knees. I had a hip replacement, back surgery and knee replacement and I know pain.…


Did you get the rest of this message as I really want your thoughts, it wasn't about the pain of injections it was the aftermath and my healing process


Carelen Perez
Carelen Perez

Just discovered your site and am very much enjoying all your insights. I’m curious to find out if this kind of treatment would work well for my skintone. I am an NC42 for reference (in my mid 50s) with some hyperpigmentation and was initially looking into Fraxel, but a family member familiar with cosmetics procedures did not recommend this for my skintone. I’ve looked at the website, but unfortunately there are no examples of women with a similar skin tone. My biggest fear would be to increase the hyperpigmentation I have. In any case, a year on and it seems like a minimal cosmetic procedure with great results! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge!


Alyssa Carrera Messina
Alyssa Carrera Messina

So glad you mentioned about the non-linear healing process! Otherwise I would’ve thought my eyes were going crazy! LOL This all reminds me of the first (and only) peel I’ve ever done. I frosted too quick, peeled way too soon, and was red around my mouth for MONTHS. I was devastated! Definitely wasn’t expecting that so for anyone planning on having this procedure, I’m sure those photos as well as the device recommendations and product protocols are going to be so helpful and informative! Thanks as always for putting yourself on the line for all of us, Penny! 🥰🤗

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