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Updated: Jul 11, 2023

If you have followed me for any length of time you know that DRMTLGY is one of my very favorite brands. The products are effective, accessible and in my opinion affordable for the quality. The people behind the brand are honest, ethical and kind. To me it is the chef's kiss of skincare brands! This post (and my Drmtlgy video) is not sponsored (none of my videos are sponsored BTW... a few years ago I did a Sephora sponsorship but no other sponsorships since for years). I am a DRMTLGY affiliate - that means that if you use my links to shop I will earn a commission. That hasn't always been the case though ... for the first year (or two) when I shared about Drmtlgy there was no affiliate program. They earned my love and adoration long before I was an affiliate! Food for thought :)

⭐️ The annual sale has ended but you can still get 20% off at Drmtlgy, just use code Penn at checkout.

I do very much appreciate you using my links, and I hope that I provide value and education so that you may make smart skincare purchases!

Below I am sharing some of my favorite products from the brand :)

The SALE details are this: this is a SITEWIDE sale, and the discount is 30% off. There is no code needed, the discount will be taken at checkout automatically. The sale runs April 1 - April 10. But I got the green light to tell you that you can start shopping the sale EARLY, now! Click HERE to shop the sale (US, UK AND CANADA!)

WAIT. You read that title right. Drmtlgy is now shipping to the UK and Canada! Even better? The site will convert to your currency and shipping is FREE over 40!! This is some of the best news EVER!!!


These are the best eye masks I own. The ingredient deck is stellar! There are many great eye masks on the market but what makes these above the rest is that you get SIXTY of them. That means that you can use them OFTEN to actually benefit from those amazing ingredients. We all know that consistency is key in skincare...Well that applies to masking in skincare just like everything else. Peptides, humectants, brightening ingredients and de-puffing ingredients pack this little powerhouse. Finally, they do not slide down the face! That is a pet peeve of mine with eye masks...I do not have time to lie around while they sit under my eyes...I don't have to with these. Major plus!!

Pro tip: rotate how you store the tub...Occasionally store it on it's lid.

Shop the eye masks:

Zinc Oxide 12% Octinoxate 7.5% The rest of the ingredients are below.

This is one of my all time favorite sunscreens. It has a neutral tint that leaves no white cast. It leaves the skin hydrated and slightly dewy (ever so slight on my dry skin). I find it to be a fantastic primer under makeup and gorgeous as a no makeup makeup SPF (it's quite sheer but somehow evens out the complexion). Niacinamide brightens, glycerin hydrates and iron oxides add protection...What a winner!

This was my very first Drmtlgy love....and I have never looked back!

You can find my comparison of this sunscreen to 2 others that Drmtlgy offers in this video on youtube (this video is a very helpful resource when trying to decide on the best one for you).

PEPTIDE NIGHT CREAM (all caps because I love it so so much!!)

This is my favorite moisturizer from the brand (the Soothe and Recovery is a very close second). It is silky, lightweight but incredibly moisturizing and feels luxurious on the skin without being heavy or sticky. Packed with peptides, humectants, barrier supporting ingredients (ceramides, cholesterol, glycerin and shea) this is much more than JUST a moisturizer!

I have gone through numerous tubs of this gem. I wear it at night and often during the day with SPF. This one sells out periodically so I am thrilled to see it in stock right now for the sale!!

Shop the Peptide Night Cream:

100% mineral sunscreen that provides hydration and a subtle, radiant glow. Hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and iron oxides provide enhanced protection from blue light. This is zinc oxide 10% and titanium dioxide 5.5%, the rest of the ingredients are below.

To me this tint is slightly lighter in depth than the universal tinted moisturizer and it is slightly less radiant/dewy. Again, you can see a comparison of this sunscreen to 2 others in this YouTube video.

Needle-less Serum targets the appearance of fine lines around the mouth, eyes, and forehead, while also hydrating the skin to give a radiant glow. This has been a favorite of mine forever and most recently made my top skincare list of 2022. If I had to choose JUST ONE serum this would be it. I love this before LED, I love this layered with a lightweight moisturizer, and I love this cocktailed in to a full coverage foundation to give it a more radiant effect. If you have oily skin YOU may love this alone with SPF! Needleless serum strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier with a blend of peptides, ceramides and skin loving ingredients (cholesterol!!). Such a powerhouse....A best selling gone-viral product for good reason!

TIP: check out their 2 oz size for even better value (along with the 30% off).

This was a dark horse, out-of-left-field hit for me last year. I LOVE this moisturizer nearly as much as the peptide moisturizer. This is a dry skinned person's dream! It is also perfection if you have a compromised barrier. Last year when I got a heavy duty laser treatment (I talked about it in my Ellacor video in case you missed it) this paired with the Needleless Serum was my aftercare....and they did not disappoint!

Soothe and recovery calms and nourishes irritated skin.

Cactus, yeast extract, ceramides and cholesterol restore the moisture barrier.

Great for combating the irritation caused by alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C and retinoids. Don't let it's simplicity fool you!

Most recently I have been layering this under the Beauty of Joseon SPF and...WOW! What a pair!

There are things I will be trying for the first time also!

Top of the list is the Exfoliating Body Lotion. Here are the details (from the brand as I haven't tried it yet):

6.9 oz.

"Reveal significantly softer, smoother skin with this gentle, non-abrasive exfoliating body lotion. A powerful AHA, Lactic Acid 12%, removes layers of dead skin and debris, while Nopal Cactus & a unique peptide complex leave skin hydrated, radiant, and significantly softer. Improve the appearance of hard red bumps commonly found on the arms and legs, known as Keratosis Pilaris.

  • Leaves skin soft, smooth, and hydrated for 24 hours

  • Relieves the appearance of flakiness and redness by rehydrating dry, dull patches of skin

  • Improves the look of rough, bumpy skin on the body"

I love lactic for the body especially this time of year when I like to self tan. There is a chance that it has a "lactic acid" smell...but I don't mind that occasionally as a treatment overnight if it means smooth, flake free hydrated skin. Sign me up LOL.

Love this one :))

Best foot cream EVER. Lactic and Urea exfoliates and hydrates and peppermint cools and soothes the feet. Sandal weather approved :)

BELOW are the ingredient decks for as many of the products as I have tried. The water creme is out of stock right now but you can join the waitlist. It is a summer staple of mine! The hydra fader is excellent for cycling off hydroquinone- it can help keep pigment at bay. The vitamin C5 is a derivative vitamin C mix in a moisturizer. Note it does have fragrance-but otherwise excellent (and the citrus is EXTRACT not peel oil, so that is also OK!). If you are looking for a chemical exfoliant the retexturizing cream is a great option. Glycolic acid is fantastic for retexturizing and stimulating collagen!

You can click the picture to be taken to the specific product (throughout this post) for easy navigation :)

I will be adding to this post as I scour my own content and their site (I am shopping too). I will be sure to add anything I missed ASAP!

I hope this post was helpful!


To reiterate: Links in this post are affiliate. If you chose to use them (thank you) I will earn a small commission.

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