Skincare ingredients to avoid when micro-needling!

Updated: Sep 22

One of the most common questions I get asked is "Can I use this product before/during/after micro-needling?"

If you've watched any of my videos on micro needling, you'll know my position on this! I'm not a conservative person by nature but with skincare I take no risks!! With microneedling, in particular, we're creating micro-channels in the skin to facilitate product penetration and encourage our cells to communicate more effectively. In addition, with medical needling [a.k.a collagen induction (CIT) therapy)], we're going deeper (.5mm+) to encourage the stimulation of new collagen. In any case, micro-needling physically disrupts the skin's barrier - which is fine as long as we're super careful about how we treat our skin during this vulnerable period.

Apart from being scrupulous about hygiene before, during and after micro-needling, (see my needling protocol video here, I'm ultra conservative about what and what NOT to put on the skin during while needling and recovery.

I'll keep it really simple, whether I needle at .2mm or .5+, the only product I use on my face is high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. My favourite is Cos de BAHA Hyaluronic Acid. When nano needling or cosmetic needling (.3mm or lower) I'm happy to follow up with my favourite skincare to 'infuse' those great ingredients. The ingredients I AVOID, however are on this list.

After medical micro-needling (CIT) I have a protocol that I follow closely - those deeper channels create micro-wounds and they require special care during the healing process. Please be sure to view my protocols video here

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High risk with needling:

*Diethlhexl Phthalate (DEP)










*Lavender Oil



Some preservatives to avoid with needling:

*Limonene (photosensitivity can occur so use caution with this ingredient)

*Benzyl Alcohol





*Triclosan Benzalkonium

*Chloride Benzophenone

Surfactants to Avoid with needling:

*Sodium Laureth Sulphate

*Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

*Ammonium Laureth Sulphate

*Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate

*Benzalkonium Chloride



Humectants to avoid when needling:

*Butylene Glycol

*Diethyene Glycol

*Pentylene Glycol



*Sorbitol Trioleate

Emollients to avoid when needling:


*Mineral Oil






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