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What fun! My latest skincare & haircare favorites!!

These are some of the most compelling skincare products that have come my way in the past several months (out of the hundreds I've evaluated!)

I thought I would create an info heavy list for those interested in looking at ingredients and getting my brief thoughts 😍

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday and week ahead! 🙂


Skincare favorites are just below and haircare favorites are at the bottom.


Bioderma SensioBio Micellar Water

This product is a cult favorite of makeup artists around the world. I first discovered it many, many years ago. One of the things I love about micellar water is its versatility. I use it as a pre-cleanse, to remove conductive gel after I use my ZIIP and before I put my makeup on, and when I get back from the gym to freshen up my skin. You could even use it as a single step after a late night out as it acts as both a makeup remover and toner. Some people prefer to rinse micellar water off, but one of the reasons I love Bioderma is it is not necessary to rinse (unless that is your preference!).

The Bioderma Micellar is the original micellar and has been around since 1991!!

Prequel Gleanser

Prequel Gleanser is my current absolute favorite cleanser. This is such an interesting cleanser due to its high (50%) glycerin content. So many cleansers that don't leave me feeling dry don't actually leave me feeling clean!! Not Prequel - I love the fact that it leaves my skin feeling absolutely clean without in any way feeling stripped.

On top of all this, its such an amazing value - to the point that I'll sometimes use it as a hand cleanser too!!

Ah, a scrub. Gone are the days where we'll willingly apply scrubs with apricot kernal fragments on our delicate facial skin! The best modern physical exfoliants are so much more sophisticated. Drmtlgy's contains extremely tiny particles of pumice which feels like a very fine 'grit'. And it has such other great ingredients to augment the 'scrub' and leave your skin feeling buffed and beautiful. I use Drmtlgy Microdermabrasion Scrub about once a week - especially good before you self tan (and brilliant before a big event when you want to have the very smoothest canvas for your makeup). Another great use of this super-fine scrub is as a lip scrub! Pair this with your favorite lip conditioner for super soft lips 💋

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Dermelect Sleep Serum

I cannot tell you how many products I've tried to see if I could come up with a dupe for Dermelect Sleep Serum. But I'm here to tell you, it's one of a kind!!

Sleep Serum such an elegant and unique mix of acids - and it's potent so I recommend that you start with once or twice a week (and don't combine with other retinoids or actives). Try bringing it down your neck/dec and also, brilliant to combine with Drmtlgy Soothe and Recovery as a 'two and done' nighttime routine.

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Dermelect Self Esteem Neck Firming

This is an interesting neck treatment as I find it helps address one of the trickiest neck 'issues' - that crêpe texture that starts to show up, especially over the thyroid. The AHAs it contains also help with the pigmentation issues that can show up on the neck.

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Squeeze keys

This is a silly but useful 'favorite', but really worth your attention. We spend so much on skincare and so many of us have had that experience wondering how much product we're wasting inside a tube... or even cutting the bottom open to extract the very last drop. Well there's an easier way! Squeeze keys give you that pinch+leverage you need to roll those tubes up from the base and squeeze out every last drop!!

I covered this in a DUPES video about a month ago. I really love it so much - even more than the ColorScience one I have loved for years. Feedback from my community since I published the video is extremely enthusiastic - people love them!! I use the medium and tan shades - but you can see more about the formulation, the shades swatches, etc in the DUPES video!

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Drmtlgy Universal Tinted Moisturizer SPF 46

I've been talking about this for years. No matter how many sunscreens I try (I try dozens and dozens each year), Drmtlgy Universal Tinted SPF 46 remains my favorite. So when I do a favorites video I can't not not mention it!!

Here’s a link to the Universal Tinted Moisturizer

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Verabella Cucumber Aloe Moisture Screen SPF 45

This smells like a summer salad!! My friend Tessa recommended this SPF and it quickly became one that I reach for often. Like the Drmtlgy one above, it serves as my moisturizer, SPF and makeup primer.

Code PENN gets 15% off 😄

Obagi Nu-Cil

Another fab product that I learned about from Tessa who saw such stunning results on her eyebrows. I've only been using it for a month so can't show you my results yet (although I can already tell that my eyebrows are slightly more full and the hairs are longer ((in a good way lol)).

Reviv Lash & Brow Serum Stimulating Serum

For some reason last fall I just got out of the habit of looking after my lashes. Sadly, after several months I really regretted it. My lashes started to look puny!! So in January I restarted on the RevivLash Serum. I've already started to see results and will be tracking my progress on my Reveal camera (it's like the VISIA camera's little sister and allows me to finely track my lash growth). Tip: you can use Reviv on your lashes AND brows.



Sauna is my latest obsession. It's helped my mood and skin in really measurable ways. And the studies showing how the use of sauna can support heart health, brain health are massively compelling. I encourage you to watch my video on sauna where I discuss not just the benefits but also practical topics such as how to choose a sauna and my personal protocol. I love my HigherDose Sauna Blanket (I did a video with HigherDose if you want to learn more about the blanket or the company.) HigherDose has generously extended this offer exclusive to my community:

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I adore this pre-shampoo. Which is crazy as it was sitting on my shelf for ages untouched! The spray application is genius and really lets me section out my hair and get good coverage. I tend to leave this on my hair (sometimes after applying a mask on top) while I do housework or work on my laptop (I leave it on for up to an hour if it works into my schedule, but 10 mins is fine.) I adore the fact that you can just pop in a new ampule, avoiding wasted packaging.

Epres Refill Ampoules 

Coco and Eve Bond Building Pre-shampoo Treatment

For pre-shampoo I also like the Coco and Eve Bond Building Pre-Shampoo. To me this feels more like a cream-conditioner. It makes my hair so silky and soft. Use code Penn15 for a discount!

Tsubaki Mask

I've loved this for years!!

Macadamia Naturals

Another mask that is such a good value and always delivers soft and shiny hair.

Living proof Restore Repair Mask

I got this recommendation from my friend Tessa (yes, I get a LOT of amazing product recs from her!). The big win for the Living proof beyond the soft/silky results is that it only takes five minutes - perfect for the shower (and especially good for coarse or color treated hair.

Davines LOVE Smoothing Instant Mask

This has a delicious grapefruit smell (but so gentle

and subtle) and delivers beautiful results - hydration without any heavy weighing down. This is another 'quick in the shower' mask. In fact, I sometimes use it in a rush and leave it on for only a minute and I still get amazing results. I love it!

Kerstase Leave-In

I've resisted this baby in the past because it's a bit spendy... but honestly, it lasts for such a long time and gives such glorious results that I feel its worth the investment. It delivers shine, manageability, breakage protection - all the stuff!!

Bonnet Dryer

This is great with whatever deep conditioner YOU love!! It will amplify the conditioning!

This is such a funny one. I can't help but feeling like I'm channeling Marge Simpson when I use this.



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