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My trusted Menopause resources: Dr. Corinne Menn

Updated: Jun 7

Women navigating perimenopause and menopause are often tasked with educating and advocating for themselves. As a OBYN and menopause specialist, these are some key resources I share with women to help them navigating a health care system that has not always valued midlife women’s health. In this age of misinformation, we must rely on vetted and trusted sources of health information.

I hope you find them useful!

1.The North American Menopause Society Website

2. The 2022 North American Menopause Society Position Statment

This is the full scientific guidelines statement from the North American Menopause Society that is supported by over 25 of the world’s premiere professional medical societies.


This is the premiere educational resource for female sexual medicine, created by ISSWSH, The International Society For The Study of Women’s Sexual Health

4. NY Time Article “Women Have Been Misled About Menopause

5. The book “Estrogen Matter’s” By Dr. Avrum Bluming and Dr. Carol Tavris

I consider this required reading or listening to anyone caring for women in menopause and anyone considering HRT.

Dr. Blumming from “Estrogen Matters” Webinar

For an excellent and reassuring overview on all the latest guidelines and most current evidence, watch this great webinar Alloy did with Dr. Avrum Blumming, a breast oncologist . It is all about MHT , Estrogen, the risks and benefits of MHT, and breast cancer

6. Menopause Webinars and Videos

I keep a curated list of quality, evidenced based you tube videos that I feel are reliable sources for my patients. Check back because I will continue to add content here.

6. The book “ The Galveston Diet “ by Dr. Mary Claire Haver

The best summary of evidenced based, science based, practical nutrition and weight management for midlife women. She is an excellent trusted source of information. She also has excellent social media presence with lots of free educational content.

7. The book “You Are Not Broken” by Dr. Kelly Capseron , a female urologist and sexual medicine expert.

Excellent resource for women’s sexual health and sex life , also a great instragram feed with educational content.

8. Webinars and Educational Videos

Hormone Therapy 101 with Dr. Menn and Dr. Sadaf Lodhi

9. Social Media

There are trusted doctors on instagram that provide excellent evidenced based patient education on menopause. I follow them and you should too!

Follow me on social! I regularly post patient education content and interviews with fellow physicians.

Dr. Corinne Menn

These are reputable menopause specialist physicians on social media that I follow and recommend to my patients.

Dr. Avrum Bluming and “Estrogen Matters” book

Dr. Rachel Rubin Urologist and fellowship trained sexual medicine specialist

Dr. Marie Claire Haver OBGYN , menopause specialist and culinary medicine specialist, founder of “The Galveston Diet”

Dr. Louise Newson , UK GP and Menopause specialist - great podcast too

Balance Menopause founded by Dr. Newson

Dr. Kelly Caperson, Urologist and Sexual Medicine Expert - great podcast too

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1 Comment

Mar 18

I would add The Menopause Manifesto from Dr. Jenn Gunter as another great read!

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