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My collagen protocol for gorgeous skin and strong bones 😀

Updated: Jun 26

I'm absolutely committed to collagen supplementation. I've shared my research and rationale in this video and this longer blog (to be published soon) that explains the research and why collagen peptides are non-negotiable for me. I also go into more detail why Skin & Bone is at the top of my list for skin and bone health.

I'm not a massively structured person... I like to play around with treatments and supplements (it's such a big part of my job!!), making modifications depending on my health, schedule, travel and other constraints. So while I never miss a day of collagen peptides, when I take them can vary. Read on to learn more!

Which collagen peptides do I like?

Pause Life Skin & Bone by Dr. Mary Claire Haver (Code 'Penn gets 10% off until June 28th)

Dr. Rajani Collagen Powder (Code Penn10 gets 10% off)

Tips for taking collagen peptides

I like to take collagen In the morning (either before or after exercise)

Timing:  I normally take collagen peptides in the morning about an hour before or immediately after I exercise.


  • Increased Blood Flow: Exercise significantly increases blood flow to muscles and joints, enhancing nutrient delivery and absorption. Also, in the morning our digestive system is more efficient after fasting overnight, potentially improving the absorption of collagen peptides. Taking peptides in the morning also ensures that collagen peptides are available in the bloodstream throughout the day, particularly during periods of activity that increase blood flow.

  • Support for Recovery: Collagen peptides can help repair exercise-induced damage, support joint health, and improve muscle recovery. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that collagen peptide supplementation combined with resistance training increased muscle mass and strength in elderly men​.

On the mornings I don't exercise, I take collagen peptides before an infrared sauna session (I have a HigherDose sauna at home)

Timing: Consume collagen peptides 30-60 minutes before my infrared sauna session.


  • Enhanced Circulation: In theory, the same increased circulation caused by exercise (cited above) would apply to sauna and lead to an uptake in the delivery of collagen peptides to skin and connective tissues.

Around Microneedling and Laser Treatments

Timing: If I'm going to have an in-office treatment like laser or do medical needling at home, I tend to up my dose (adding collagen before bed) starting at least one week before and continuing after a few days to a week after, until the visible healing is complete


  • Healing: Microneedling and laser create injuries that stimulate collagen production. Enhanced blood flow during and after the procedure helps deliver the peptides to the target areas. Collagen peptides provide the necessary building blocks for collagen synthesis, potentially aiding in faster and more effective skin repair.

  • Clinical Support: This study The effect of a hydrolyzed collagen-based supplement on wound healing in patients with burn: A randomized double-blind pilot clinical trial published in the publication Burns supports collagen supplementation in conjunction with the healing of burns and wounds. In conclusion the study reported "The findings showed that a hydrolyzed collagen-based supplement could significantly improve wound healing and circulating pre-albumin, and clinically reduce hospital stay in patients with 20-30% burn." Gosh, if collagen peptides can heal serious burn wounds that much faster it sure has my commitment to use with cosmetic procedures!!

Before Bed

Timing: When I increase my collagen dose to twice a day I take the second dose 30-60 minutes before bed.

Rationale: The body undergoes repair and regeneration during sleep. Collagen peptides can support these processes by providing the necessary amino acids.

Other Tips

  • Hydration: I always drink plenty of water to support overall blood flow and the effective distribution of nutrients. Personally I add LMNT electrolytes to my water (I love the Mango Chili flavor). This makes water almost like a treat!

  • Vitamin C: I try to combine collagen peptides with vitamin C-rich foods or supplements to enhance collagen synthesis. Vitamin C is essential for collagen formation, as supported by a study published in Nutrients. I love Cymbiotica liposomal Vitamin C. ​

If you haven't watch my video on collagen peptides, here it is!

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