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I LOVE LED: My absolute favorite LED devices for 2024

Updated: Jun 7

I'm a massive fan of red, near infrared, green and blue light. There are literally thousands of studies that support using specific wavelengths of light to create healthier, more glowing and younger looking skin. My recent video and blog about the subject have highlights of these studies and build an extremely solid case for why everybody should have LED therapy in their toolkits at home. But if you're after my latest favorite picks on LED, this is the right place for you!!

The amazing thing is that we've seen so many fantastic introductions of LED devices in the last few years. No matter what your budget or usage pattern (do you prefer to use standing, lying down, with eyes open or closed, just for your face or other body areas etc), there is a fantastic device for you.

It's such a pleasure for me to share this list. I've tried so many devices - these are really the top of my top (and loved in my Facebook group as well!!) In most cases I've included two choices, sharing what sets one apart from the other.

SOME Benefits of LED

Non Invasive Skin Rejuvenator

  • Brightens

  • Improves tone and texture

  • reduces redness

  • Boosts collagen

  • Boosts ATP (cellular energy)

  • Wound healing

Non Invasive Scalp Rejuvenator

  • Increases blood flow to the scalp

  • Stimulates hair re-growth

Acne Slayer

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Creates a poor environment for acne causing bacteria

My top picks going in to 2024:


1. HigherDose LED Mask

Code PENNHD for a discount!

~This discount does not apply to bundles. If you put items in your cart separately the discount will apply. :)

Style: Flexible (29.5 cm x 21.6 cm, weight )

Treatment time: 10 min (3-5 times per week)

Wavelengths: 630nm; 830nm

Irradiance: 50 mW/cm2

Fluence: 30 J/cm2

Warranty: 1 year limited

Why I love this mask: There are so many good flexible LED masks out there, but the HigherDose one stands out in a few ways. Firstly, it's the fit. The HigherDose Mask has a head strap that reaches over the top of the mask, creating the most secure and comfortable fit of any mask I've tried. Don't underestimate the importance of a well-fitting mask. Ensuring that those little LEDs hit right and stay in place is crucial for good light coverage. And since every face is a bit different, having that extra strap to control how high/low the mask sits seems to make all the difference. The other thing that I love about this mask is the cover. It may sound silly but it makes it easy to find among my other skincare paraphernalia. I also love the price point of this mask- it is around $350 and I have an affiliate code for it- making it under $300. For the quality, fit and overall design that makes for a great deal!

Things you should know about this mask: There is NIR light with each mode. This is important if you have melasma and are worried about LED flaring it. It seems that the culprit is the NIR for most people (although some people, like me, have no problem with NIR at all).

Code: Penn10 for a discount

Style: Medical grade silicone soft shell

Treatment time: 10 min (3-5 times per week)

Wavelengths: LED Red 630nm+NIR 830nm, Blue 415nm (3 modes) and Blue 415nm + red 630nm

Irradiance: 30 mW/cm2

Warranty: 1 year

APEX GLO Technology™ optimizes light distribution

234 LEDs (78 Triple LED bulbs)

Why I like this mask: This is SO INNOVATIVE!! I love that the submental area is treated with LED. The fit is light and comfortable especially with the straps that extend from the submental piece to the top of the head. Dr Rajani patented this design-and for good reason! The fit is right up there with my HigherDose mask-so comfy.

I also love the light distribution- each bulb "spreads" the light so that you get better coverage. Dr R is calling this "Apex Glo Technology"... brilliant! Another feature that I love is the combo Blue+Red light along with submental/jawline application. This is a common area for blemishes and blue+red light is incredibly effective at reducing inflammation and clearing acne.

Things you should know about this mask: There is NIR light with each mode (cannot turn it off). This is important if you have melasma and are worried about LED flaring it. It seems that the culprit is the NIR for most people (although some people, like me, have no problem with NIR at all).

Neck/Dec Devices

1.HigherDose Neck and Dec

Code PENN15 for a discount!

The best neck and dec on the market! Why? Because it is large enough to cover the entire area (which is what we want, amiright?). The neck piece treats ALL around the neck and the 150 LEDs provide 50mW/cm2 for an effective LED session. Flip it around to treat your back or put it on your belly....Drape it over your thigh/knee....It is a good size LED that is SO versitile!

Style: Medical grade silicone soft shell

Treatment time: 10-20 min (3-7 times per week)

Wavelengths: LED Red 630nm+NIR 830nm

Irradiance:  50 mW/cm2

Warranty:  1 year


1. Red Therapy Co. RedRush 400 PULSE

Code PENNY saves $100!

Style: Panel (I also bought the stand)

Treatment time: 10 min (3-6 times per week...I often do daily)

Wavelengths: 630nm; 830nm

100 mw/cm2

  • FDA Class II Registered Medical Device

  • Power: 399 Watts - Voltage: 100-240V (Works Worldwide)

  • LEDs: 133 x 3W LEDs (67 x 660nm / 66 x 850nm)

  • Treatment Area: up to 24" x 84"

  • Treatment Time Per Area: 5-10 Minutes

  • Irradiance:

  • 250 mw/cm2 max

  • 100.5 mw/cm2 at 6" - deep tissue

  • 47 mw/cm2 at 18" - energy

  • 15 mw/cm2 at 36" - skin ⬅ this is where I sit most times- 3 feet away

  • EMF: 0.0uT at 6"

  • Size: 9.2" Wide x 23" Tall x 3.5" Thick - Weight: 13lbs

  • Cooling Fans: 2

  • Lifetime: 50,000 Hours

Warranty: 2 years

Selectable Pulsed Wave Technology:

10hz - Alpha Wave

20hz - Beta Wave

40hz - Gamma Wave

Continuous Wave Mode

Scientifically proven bio available light wavelengths: 660nm RED light for skin rejuvenation and surface smoothing

850nm NEAR-INFRARED light for tissues, joints, and muscles

From the brand:

Select your preferred frequency. New research shows that pulsing can increase the effectiveness of Red Light Therapy by 10-15%. This is currently the only red light panel on the market that enables you to adjust the pulsing. You can adjust the hz, which correspond to different wavelengths in the brain… New research shows you can entrain your brain waves like using binaural beats.” - Eric James, Founder & CEO, Red Therapy Co

Why I like this device: This panel is THE panel for me. It is large but not too large. It pulses but the pulse is imperceptible - and I love that I can adjust the HZ (pulsing/wave). I use the stand and I angle the panel so that I can literally roll my office chair over to the panel and bask in the light for 10 minutes daily. The best panel I have ever owned by far!


Honestly I love to use any of my masks, patches or panels on my hands. You don't need a separate hand device. I have looked at the Omnilux option and it is intriguing but I never bit the bullet.

Other Wearables

1. LightSalon Collar

Code Penn25 saves 25% (bundles excluded)

This is still my favorite travel buddy LED. She is small but she is mighty! While I am always caring for my face I realize that my NECK needs special attention. The collar does just that and is practically weightless. I can do anything with it on making it a no-brainer. If you own this and also own a mask you can create your own face/submental situation... Simply drape the collar under your chin and fasten at the top of the head to get a sub-mental LED treatment. Viola!

Style: Medical grade silicone soft shell

Treatment time: 10-20 min (3-7 times per week)

Wavelengths: LED Red 633nm+NIR 830nm

Warranty:  1 year

2. LightSalon Patch

Code Penn25 saves 25% (bundles excluded)

The patch is so great for pre-treating surgical sites, for post surgical swelling, wound healing, joint pain and so much more. The patch is a perfect sharable wearable (see what I did there?). Great on the scalp, the knees, belly, back, name it!

Style: Medical grade silicone soft shell

Treatment time: 10 minutes a day (3-7 times per week)

Wavelengths: LED Red 633nm+NIR 830nm

Warranty:  1 year

Flexible Panels/Domes

Illuminate LED

Style: Flexible dome

Treatment time: 5 minutes (5-7 times per week)

Wavelengths: 630nm (red panel) 525nm (green panel) 415nm (blue panel)

This has a whopping 6000 joules of energy in the red panel and 5000 joules of energy in the green and the blue panels delivered by 1800 LEDs

Warranty: 3 year warranty

Why I like this panel/dome: I love that the red panel is only red (660 nm). This is hard to find (in my opinion) and is a great option for people wanting to avoid NIR (melasma). The green panel is FANTASTIC. Green light is less studied but in my experience it offers a brightening unlike anything else! I love it to calm redness and to combat hyperpigmentation. This is the only green light that I have found that truly seems effective. This is very expensive- and I have no affiliate code or discount BUT if you are in-office you may want to consider this for your aesthetic business as it is hands-down the best flexible panel I've ever purchased!

FTC: Links in this post are affiliate ~ Please take note that all links on this page are affiliate and if you choose to shop from them I earn a commission at no cost to you. I appreciate your support!!!

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Content provided on this blog is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or skin related diagnosis or treatment options. Information on this website should not be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare/skin professional. The statements made about specific products throughout this website are not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. It is important that you check labels to determine if a product is right for you. Before starting any treatment at home consult a health care or skin care professional to determine if it’s right for you.

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Feb 19

According to the video that Dr. Rajani has with his mask, the red and blue mode does NOT have NIR.

Thanks for your info and review!


Jan 06

Im curious why the Omnilux mask was not in this list? Id like your opinion on this mask compared to the ones you listed. Thanks, I appreciate your reviews. Just ordered the Revive Ultimate Serum!

Another husky mom here, I love seeing your husky in your videos🐺❤️

Teresa & Kenna 🐺


Jan 03

I have dark spots (unsure if due to hormonal or sun damage) I have been looking at the currentbody zone mask because of the green light and the warranty. Should I be concerned about the Red/NIR in that mask? Theraface is a little more out of my price point.


Jan 01

Hi Penny,

Thank for the newest review of LED devices. I have a MitoPro XL panel for almost two years now. Do you still consider it a good product or has the Red Light Therapy Co panel replaced your previous recommendation?

Thanks !

Penn Smith
Penn Smith
Jan 02
Replying to

Thank you, you too!


Wendy Tracy
Wendy Tracy
Jan 01

What are your thoughts on the current body mask? Thanks

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