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Things that bring me JOY!!

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8 things that make me look and feel my best!!

This period in the United States (in fact, the entire WORLD) feels more than a little bit overwhelming. Apart from wearing a mask (plus adhering to other safe practices) and voting, at times so much of what's happening can seem out of our control.

So, I've decided to focus on things that bring me joy, things that improve my life and, also things that make me look and feel my best. I want to share these with you and encourage you to make your own list; reflect on it and try and silence the negativity that sometimes has a way of taking too much space in our brains.

What does your list look like? What brings you joy? This is mine:


Each day I start my morning with a glass of water and some liposomal vitamin C. I do this very first thing and THEN I begin to brew my morning coffee (it is important to wait 15 minutes after taking liposomal supplements before drinking a hot liquid.) For the longest time, I drank my coffee black. Then one day I realized that it just didn't taste very good that way! I didn’t want to add a bunch of sugar but I wanted to make it more of a 'special' drink. I started experimenting with different creamers etc and eventually discovered that unsweetened vanilla almond milk with a DASH of sweet cream creamer frothed, and then added to my mug, made the most deliciously perfect cup of coffee. That little extra effort in the morning is a way that I treat myself before I carry on with my crazy day. How do you take your coffee (if you drink it)? Feeling our best isn’t always about the obvious…sometimes it is just taking the time to pamper ourselves even if it is just a little foam on the top of a cup of coffee 😊


I know that for me to perform my best mentally and physically I need to drink plenty of water. The added bonus is that drinking enough water has a HUGE impact on our skin (our largest organ) and hair! I've started to infuse water with just a little bit of fruit- maybe a piece of pineapple and some orange or lemon slices in my trusty Brita pitcher (mine is the 40 oz size) I chill the water overnight and my goal every day is to drink the entire pitcher - and then some. It tastes just a little better than plain water. For me, knowing that my goal is to finish the pitcher by dinner time turns it into a sort of 'game'. I then have a glass or two in the evening before bed and I KNOW I have gotten in enough water. The results? Within two weeks of this challenge, I noticed that my chronically dry lips weren’t so dry anymore. My skin wasn’t as dehydrated and no doubt I have been able to make better food choices. Amazing!


I do admit that another reason for my skin and lip improvement is my #3 thing…my humidifier. I have three in my house and I LOVE them. I'm committed to cleaning them regularly (essential to keep humidifiers producing healthy, germ-free vapor) but other than that these devices are the easiest way to surround your entire self with glorious humidity. The benefits are far-reaching and include: aiding dry skin, soothing chapped lips, easing coughs, adding moisture to the sinuses, and alleviating dry eye. My bedroom is quite spacious so I make a habit of turning my humidifier on a few hours before bed (with all the doors in the room closed.) At bedtime, I then re-fill the humidifier and set the timer for 4 hours. I set the humidity to 80% (although I am shooting for 30-50%) in the room. The room is so big that I doubt that I could ever get close to 80% (or want to). I DO wake up with CRAZY hair because I have naturally curly hair…but I don’t care. The increased hydration of my skin far outweighs the crazy mane I wake up to.


The last piece of the hydration puzzle is my moisturizer. Seemingly obvious, I am shocked by the number of people who don’t use a moisturizer! In the treatment room I would spend a ton of time on treatments and massage but the thing that consistently gave that “WOW!” effect was the intensely hydrated skin the clients walked out with. No doubt I've looked like a miracle worker as the office manager seems to remark to each and every client (no exaggeration!), “you look SO GOOD!!” at the end of our session. It’s all about hydration. Finding a moisturizer that gives your skin a much-needed sip (or drink) of water can visually turn back the clock in an instant. Do you moisturize?

These hydration steps may not seem exciting but they really are profound, creating a glow from the inside that shows on the outside. And when I see that glow in the mirror it makes me happy!!


If you have watched me on YouTube for any length of time you know that I struggle with under-eye circles. For me, it's a combination of hyperpigmentation and veins - a duo that's extremely difficult to cover up. For the past few years, I've been using a concealer that checks all of the boxes. 1. it actually covers the discoloration (!!) 2. it doesn't drift into my lines and 3. it looks natural on my skin, with good staying-power. My Giorgio Armani Power Fabric concealer is a lightweight, pigment-packed gem that's become a staple in my routine. I always have one on hand for touch-ups. Two dots blended under my eyes and I feel much more refreshed and awake looking.


Speaking of refreshed and awake…This list wouldn't be complete without my Lumify Eye Drops. I've shared these game-changing drops so many times because they literally take years off my face, A few drops and all traces of pink/red from the whites of my eyes AND the waterline have disappeared. I get no 'rebound redness' and my eyes don't seem to dry out. It's hard to imagine that simply brightening the eyes could have such a profound effect on the entire face, but that is exactly the case…in under a minute!


There is something miraculous about a great cream blush in a youthful shade. What’s a youthful shade you ask? It’s a springtime pop of pinky coral that just instantly gives the face LIFE! My current favorite cream blush (hands down, I have ONE) is by Honest Beauty-Crème Cheek Blush in Peony Pink - a shade that would flatter a wide range of skin tones and bring life to the face. Because it is a cream formula it enhances the look of hydration (see above😊) and instantly completes a look.


I may seem like a skincare junkie (ok…I am), but my next love is fragrance. I truly believe that fragrance can set a mood, can empower, and can communicate a vibe. My go-to very favorite scent right now that brings me so much joy is my Baccarat Rouge 540 (this is a very extravagant fragrance - I was lucky enough to receive it as a gift) I prefer the Extrait, but I love the eau de parfum as well. Creamy and delicious with notes of almond, burnt sugar, and tonka this fragrance makes me want to nibble my own arm! It’s the kind of scent that makes you involuntarily close your eyes and inhale slowly repeatedly throughout the day…It just smells that delectable. What is your signature scent? Does it bring you olfactory joy? I hope so!

I loved reflecting on these little things that not only make me feel and look my very best but also the things that simply bring me joy. I hope you take time this week and curate a list. Write down things that you own or practices that you keep that bring you joy. It doesn't have to be material - it can be laughing with your kids or long walks in this fall weather, but find those things. Focus on them. If you find that it is hard to identify things, create them. We are whatever we perceive we are. Why shouldn’t we be wonderful?



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