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Gift guide: SkinStore Part I: HUGE SALE (discounts on TOP of discounts!!)

Updated: Nov 27

This blog post is subject to change as the sale evolves. I will list ALL the brands on sale that are part of the "discount on top of discount" for November 20-December (be sure to scroll to the very bottom for a full list of brands that start today....more brands will be added when their dates arrive)

REMEMBER!! Code PENNY10 at checkout will get you an additional 10% off on top of the percentages listed below!

Link to Skinstore:


Be sure to check back because I will be adding tons more brands on the 25th then the 26th and the 27th!! I'll cover flash sales as well so stay tuned and refresh often!

From my video, I recommended products from Skyn Iceland, Skin Authority, and Strivectin. I also suggested that you look at Tripolar and Refa if those have been of interest to you (as I have not used them yet but they look good!). Below you will find a little more info on those products as well as a few others that caught my eye on the lists above. I can't wait to add more lists on Nov. 25!! So many great brands on sale!

First up Skin Authority 30% off PLUS an additional 10% with PENNY10

This is a gem of a moisturizer that I spoke about in a video last year. It has a very good ingredient deck to moisturize AND help promote collagen production. Green tea, Ubiquinone, licorice, THD (vitamin C derivative), glycerin and growth factors make for a very potent cocktail! You can click on the pic to go straight to the product in Skinstore. Please DO NOTE that there is fragrance listed as the last ingredient.

The sister product to this moisturizer is actually even MORE interesting as the Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media is top of the list. I am not a huge proponent of eye cream unless it's special in some way. This Dramatic Eye Lift from Skin Authority is special. The ingredient deck is impressive!

It is important to note the bergamot fruit oil-this is used as a fragrance and sometimes can be processed in a way that makes it just fine for skin (a type of distilling) but if it's not distilled in that way it can be a sun sensitizer. Another great reason to always wear sunscreen :)). The overwhelming list of good ingredients outweigh that oil at the end by far in my opinion. I will be picking this one up!

Next up: StriVectin Crepe Control Tightening Body Cream I've used this body cream for years, first speaking on it in a video I did about arms...A niacinamide relative and caffeine combine with a whole host of amazing skin ingredients to pack a punch and alleviate crepey skin. Do note the fragrance... once again the ingredient deck is overwhelmingly good so I overlook the fragrance. YOU may not have that luxury (sensitivity) so it's important to note.

Another body cream that I LOVE is this one from Replenix. You can find even more info on this body cream in my blog post about body care. RETINOL is a fantastic ingredient to get into your BODY CARE not just your facial care. This body cream also has a laundry list of humectants making it a gentle yet effective anti-aging body moisturizer.

This entire line is intriguing to me and will be one of the lines I personally pick up during this sale! You can see the entire line here. Remember...PENNY10 gets an additional 10% OFF the already 30% off sale on this brand!!

Oh Skyn Iceland....how I love thee!! These dissolving microneedle eye patches are full of ingredients that will benefit the under eye area! Sodium hyaluronate (humectant) and Glycerin will hydrate while madecassoside will soothe and heal and promote a healthy barrier function. Add in peptides and this is an under-eye WINNER!! All Skyn Iceland products are 25% off PLUS an additional 10% with PENNY10 at checkout.

These Skyn Iceland eye gels have been a favorite for YEARS. I typically pick them up every year at the Ulta sale (I stock up actually lol). I highly recommend them to cool, depuff, firm (temporary), and brighten (temporary) the under-eye area. SO good for "getting ready" (whatever that means these days....fancy sweats anyone?).

I'll be adding to this post often as I scour the SkinStore site for gems on sale. A couple devices that are part of the sale but I have yet to test are the Tripolar Stop (RF device that is $130 off with my additional discount....Good lord I am tempted myself!) and the Refa (pictured below). Check them out-I'd love to hear what you think of these popular devices!

UK LookFantasric Tripollar Stop https://www.lookfantastic.com/tripollar-stop-x/12308135.html

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