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🇺🇸 Skincare Labor Day Sales: My picks + picks from my Facebook group members! 🇺🇸

Updated: Jan 3

My private Facebook group is such a rich place for information sharing. Two days ago I shared my early insights for some of the best deals to be had on skincare and devices over Labor Day weekend. As usual, within moments we had group members chiming in, adding their early finds to the post. I love this! I wanted to share these deals wider, so here you go (but do feel free to join my Facebook group so you can get this type of info year round!!)*


Skinstore is still having their sale - the code 10penny gets an ADDITIONAL discount off most sale items. If the item you want is NOT on sale, my regular old code "penny" will almost always get 26% off. For this reason (and because you can only use one code per order) you may need to do 2 separate orders to get both discounts. Also worth noting: Skinmedica was added to the Skinstore sale September 3rd-15% off PLUS they are throwing in an additional discount of 20% with the code SKM20 at checkout (which is even better than my additional discount). I've never seen that brand that heavily discounted.

Skinmedica at Skinstore:


Use code: Otherwise use code "10Penny" for Labor Day sale items, code "Penny" for my normal discount for items not included in the weekend sale and SKM20 for additional discounts on Skinmedica.

Head to Skinstore here:


NOTE: There are so many amazing deals at Skinstore that I did a (non-sponsored) dedicated video to showcase my top picks.


SkinbeautifulRX is 25% off with triple points :)))


Ulta is doing their 21 days of beauty. I'll be honest, there's a lot I'm NOT going to buy on their sale, but a sale worth noting nonetheless :)



Photozyme is offering an amazing 30% off on their entire DNA Repair enzyme line until midnight PST on Monday, September 6th. I've been using the Photozyme Youth Recovery Serum since early this year but will soon start alternating with the Photozyme Ultra Rich DNA Facial Cream which, is indeed rich but absorbs easily and is a pleasure to use. Also, for those who've been waiting, the Photozyme Omega Body complex has just come back into stock. Use code 30Penn to take advantage. (If you've not yet heard about the wonders of DNA repair enzymes do have a look at my recent video on the topic.

To be clear, I'm so impressed with the science behind DNA repair enzymes that I don't see myself ever not using them in my routine daily.

Use code: 30Penn


NIOD launched a NEW copper peptide serum last week. NIOD CAIS 3 means no fiddling to mix the two solutions into a single bottle - NIOD's cult classic now in ONE bottle). I've been using it for a while and it is incredible. I can't wait to do a full review but I wanted to tell you because you know how this goes - NIOD oftentimes sells out quickly. Worth checking out.


DRMTLGY. This is a "spend X and get $$ off" type sale (codes below are not my codes, just the site codes) Pay attention to what you spend...The % decreases as you go over the baseline. Frankly, the base of $10 off when you spend $50 is no more special than the all-the-time 20% off you can get with my regular code. The best deal is if you NEED to replenish and can get to as close to $100 without going much over...Then you actually get 30% off (which is higher than normal).

Use code:

LD10 for $10 off orders over here $50 (20% off at $50)

LD20 for $20 off orders over $75 (26% off at $75)

LD30 for $30 off orders over $100 (30% off at $100)


Ubeauty just launched a new sunscreen product. I'll be passing on this one. Love the resurfacing compound but a $168 sunscreen is suspect LOL.


Droplette has launched new device colors. The word is that they were hearing that the original purple color wasn't resonating with everyone so they added a couple new colors to be more inclusive. I now am the proud owner of the mint color :)) So many cool things coming with this boutique brand! More SOON!


Use code:

PennFreeCapsules for your first set of capsules free OR

PennVIP20 gets 20% off your total first order (including the capsules that first time).


* Some links are affiliate.

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