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My Black Friday Part 1: Skincare DEVICES

Updated: 21 hours ago

I started working on my Black Friday list a few months ago. I love the holiday season and the chance to get gifts and stock up on things for myself - while getting fantastic discounts!! And of course I love sharing this with YOU!!

Over the past few years, I've loved not only choosing the things to highlight during Black Friday (I only pick the best of the best to put on my list!) but also I've loved negotiating the very best deals possible for my community. Heck, there's strength in numbers and I love the idea that my community has a collective buying power that we can all take advantage of!!

I've taken care in this year's list to highlight those deals where brands have given extra special deals for my community - deals better than you'll find 'out there', and early price protected deals so you can shop early and not worry that you'll miss out on better deals as we hit Black Friday.

But at least as importantly this year, I've decided to bring even more of the human side into Black Friday. This year I will be highlighting brands that have exceptional PEOPLE behind them. Brands that go above and beyond for their customers. And this year it gives me great pleasure to give attention to exceptional brands that are head up by women. These are women, like you and me, who juggle families and enormously complex lives to bring their special kind of creativity and value to the world. I love this part of my job so much!

Where I've been able to, I've shown you photos of these female founders, and told a bit of their stories. Because life isn't about things or products. It's about people who use their creativity and heart to make our lives better. Please join me in celebrating these exceptional woman below (and I thank them each and every one for giving my community such great discounts!)!

I wish you happy shopping and the safest and most marvelous of holiday seasons.


{this is my list of skincare device - click here for My EARLY ACCESS PART 2: Skincare and Haircare Blog)



I've used microcurrent for years. I remember when I trained to be an aesthetician being so fascinated by the concept that our bodies are electric!! As soon as I got into the treatment room I made microcurrent part of as many treatments as I could. Not only did micrcurrent amp up the ATP of my client's skin tissue (for longer term skin health) but it also consistently gave immediate lift and glow... so clients always left happy. Fast forward to today when we find that microcurrent is becoming a basic tool for all skincare enthusiasts to have at home. And I couldn't be more thrilled - amping up that ATP and boosting those cheekbones can be a regular (and affordable!!) part of all of our routines.

BEST FOR: Giving instant lift as well as supporting skin's cellular energy over time


🙋🏻‍♀️💁‍♀️ WOMAN FOUNDED🧕🏼👩🏽‍🔧 What: ZiiP HALO Microcurrent Device + Serum Offer: ⚡️ZiiP HALO bundles and all ZiiP gels!!

Code: PennZiiP When: Starting November 9th and carry on until November 30th Notes: This year I'm only including one (!!) microcurrent device on my Black Friday list. While there are many good microcurrent devices out there, the ZiiP HALO stands out far and above the others for usability, flexibility, elegance and effectiveness. It really is that clear a choice for me that I see no reason to mention others. AND I love how founder Melanie Simon has put her heart and soul into this device. This is the best price I've ever seen on the HALO and the absolute best price you'll find - I've been assured by Melanie herself!

Founder background: Melanie Simon's entire career has been focused on a specific are of aesthetics - she calls herself and 'electrical aesthetician'! For years Melanie worked alongside the elite French brand Biologique Recherche and was introduced to microcurrent by this pioneering brand. I'd say that the ZiiP HALO founder knows more about the positive impact of microcurrent on skin - and how to bring that to the home consumer. than anybody else in our industry.

ZiiP HALO (includes Electric Complex Gel) total after discount $261.75 US Link:

Other region links:

BUNDLE SPECIALS - total of 36.5% off - new from ZiiP Beauty as of November 12th


Use code: PennZiiP for an additional 25% off of already discounted prices

ZiiP Silver Gift Set (includes ZiiP HALO, Electric Complex Gel and Silver Gel)

SOLD OUT ! THIS IS THE BEST DEAL. Total after discount $254.25

ZIIP Crystal Beauty Gift Set (includes ZiiP HALO, Electric Complex Gel and Crystal Gel) 👉🏼 THIS IS THE BEST CURRENT DEAL THAT INCLUDES A TWO GELS $273.75 PennZiiP

ZIIP Silver Beauty Gift Set (includes ZiiP HALO, Electric Complex Gel and TWO Siver Gels!!) 👉🏼 THIS IS THE BEST OVERALL DEAL AS IT INCLUDES THREE GELS $285 with code PennZiiP

ZiiP Golden Gift Set (includes ZiiP HALO, Electric Complex Gel and Golden Gel) Another great deal that includes the spendy gel. Total after discount $303.75 with code PennZiiP

(comparison of the ZiiP gels below 🙂)




Three or four years ago the category of silicon LED masks was introduced to the skincare market. The response from consumers was enthusiastic, indeed. Flexible silicon masks are lighter and more face-fitting than their plastic counterparts which means they're more comfortable and easier to be productive in (think emptying the dishwasher, opening the mail, etc!) And because we're able to multitask in these masks, we're more likely to use them regularly. With the slow and collagen-nurturing trickle of LED light compliance is key - a LED device that fits into our lives and we actually USE regularly is the one that will give us results.



🙋🏻‍♀️💁‍♀️ WOMAN FOUNDED🧕🏼👩🏽‍🔧

What: The code works across the full range but does not include the Collections (bundles) or their new micro current (which I'll soon be testing!!)

Offer: 28% off all LED devices - this is their best offer and exclusive to my community!!

Code: Penn28BF

When: Now through November 27th

Notes: LightSalon's standout products are their LED Collar and Patch - nobody else has anything like these two highly versatile items. In fact, if I had to pick from all of the amazing wearable LED devices out there, the LightSalon Collar is my number one favorite for its convenience and versatility - amazingly easy to travel with and can be used on neck, hair part, forehead - I even place it over my hands sometimes when I'm (not on my phone!!) watching Netflix!! I'll be picking up the HigherDose Collar this holiday season for a few women on my list who are wanting to really focus on the skin on their neck - always important but doubly so once we approach and move through menopause!!

Founder background:

I've mentioned before and I'm delighted to mention again, that LightSalon were the original company to come out with flexible LED masks. In fact, Laura and Hannah at LightSalon created the category of flexible, wearable LED masks. They had the idea, took the risks and birthed the innovation. And they're lovely people with fantastic products.




🙋🏻‍♀️💁‍♀️ WOMAN FOUNDED🧕🏼👩🏽‍🔧

What: All HigherDose Products Offer: 20% off ⭐️ Don’t forget to join my private Facebook group for an exclusive HigherDose discount for my community only!

Code: HDBFCM When: Starting now! Notes: HigherDose makes my favorite silicon LED mask - for the simple reason that it's easy for me to get the ideal fit. The HigherDose Red Light Face Mask has an extra strap that goes over the top of the head from front to back. This single addition (as compared with the others in this category) means I can get a better fit on my specific face type 🙂. I also love the HigherDose Neck and Dec as it provides more coverage area than the other Neck/Dec products out there - so is perfect for treating the back as well! Finally, I'm in LOVE with the HigherDose LED Sauna Blanket. I started using it last winter and am 100% committed to using it regularly this winter. The benefits of sauna are massive for skin and overall health and the HigherDose Sauna Blanket makes this health modality convenient and affordable.

Founder background: Before starting up HigherDose, Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps had careers in wellness and finance, respectively. Lauren began her wellness career as a model, host, and correspondent and then trained as a nutritionist and certified health coach. Prior to starting HigherDose, Katie was in investment banking. The two joined forces with their shared love for wellness and their wish to bring wellness tools into our homes. The team at HigherDose are such an impressive group of women. They're smart, flexible, positive and an absolute pleasure to work with. Importantly, they're manically committed to using technology to improving our health and well being. I couldn't be more positive about this brand and their products. Link:


CurrentBody Skin What: Entire range of CurrentBody

Offer: ⚡️25% off all CurrentBody LED devices ⚡️

Code: PennLED When: Starting November 9th and carry on until Cyber Monday Notes: CurrentBody Skin offers an extensive range of LED devices for eyes, hands, face and neck. Really a one-stop LED shop!! Link:



While I love wearable devices I believe firmly that there's a need for stationary, non wearable devices. Some people simply prefer NOT to be moving around when they do an LED treatment. This might be because they're integrating their LED treatment into other activities where they're sitting or lying still or because they just want to do nothing for a few minutes every day. I'm lucky enough to have a range of devices this is how I tend to use these (just my personal usage - not prescriptive!!)

- Panels like the Maysama panel or the Red Light Therapy panel I like to sit in front of when I have a spare five or ten mins between activities. These panels tend to require less time (5-10 mins vs 12-20 mins with a silicon mask) so this is ideal for when you don't want to multitask but do have windows of time where you can dedicate a sitting session.

- Domes like the DermaluxFlex dome is ideal for combining with other wellness pursuits or taking downtime while resting. For me this means some days I'll combine the Dermalux with my HigherDose Sauna blanket or lie on my HigherDose PEMF pad. I may combine this with a meditation audio session, listen to a Podcast or talk to my mom on the phone - or any combination of these things±



🙋🏻‍♀️💁‍♀️ WOMAN FOUNDED🧕🏼👩🏽‍🔧

What: Maysama Pulse40 LED Light Therapy Panel

Offer: 30% off!! This is exclusive to my community - a really excellent offer across the Maysama line.

Code: Use my code Penny30 for 30% off

Discount is good on all products; skincare, LED Beauty Devices and Eco-beauty essentials (Eco-beauty Essentials have not been discounted prior to Black Friday).

When: Now until Monday 27th November [23:59]


I've known Bev, the founder of Maysama, for three years now. I was introduced to the brand just after the launch of their Green Roiboos Pressed Serum. This female-led UK based company (that has distribution in the US!!) has gone from strength to strength, and has recently launched an LED panel. This wasn't just a random new product launch decision (and it isn't just any panel!!). I've only recently gotten my Maysama Pulse40 LED Light Therapy Panel, but pulsed light is said to optimize ATP output by balancing ATP production and corresponding free radical production with ATP consumption by the cell. I really like the Maysama panel. It has it's own stand and tilts nicely . I like to use it on my kitchen breakfast bar sitting on a stool, at my desk and even sometimes put it on my nightstand to use before bed - it's not too heavy/big to be able to put wherever I find convenient at the time.

Bev will be joining me on a LIVE in my Facebook group on Monday November 20th to talk all things LED. Bev has done extensive research into LED for skin health and is quite honestly one of the most knowledgable people I've come across on the topic. If you haven't already, please do become a member of my Facebook - you'll be able to join in on the live to learn more about using LED for skin healh and ask questions (or catch the recorded version.)

Links - all regions:

Maysama Pulse40 LED Panel

Maysama Pulse40 LED Panel + Serum

Maysama Pulse40 LED Panel + Tri-pack Serum


Dermalux Flex What: Dermalux Flex MD Light Therapy Device Offer: $275 off

Code: PennFlex When: Starting November 9th through 14th December Notes: The Flex MD is a certified medical device, tested against stringent quality, safety and efficacy standards and independently verified to deliver against medical claims (such as psoriasis, wound healing, pain management, acne). I find the dome is brilliant for people who have a stationary place in the house to do treatments. I used my Dermalux Flex at the same time as my HigherDose Sauna Blanket a few times a week last winter. It makes a real professional treatment that's amazing not only skin health but the health of your entire body. Link: UK link:


Red Therapy Co

What: Sitewide

Offer: 30% off


When: Happening NOW!

Notes: I have the RedRush 400 Pulse Panel and I absolutely love it! I have it set up on the stand in my office and I have been using it almost daily! So great to be able to sit at my desk and work and get and LED treatment in at the same time.



Radio Frequency

Radio frequency works. It's one of those in-clinic treatments that every professional, from plastic surgeon to dermatologist to aesthetician will back. The home based devices listed below are from companies that make clinical devices - but at strengths appropriate for home use.



What: A range of Tripollar devices (varies based on your region)

Offer: from 25% to 75% off!! 🌟

Code: None needed - the TriPollar team have very nicely created landing pages for me to collect these special deals - there's one for each of four regions. The discounts are noted as soon as you click the links and prices are discounted. No code needed. Some products are only available in certain regions (and also there are a few that have different discount levels per region)

When: Now until November 27th

Notes: My picks of the Tripollar range are Stop VX2 and Tripollar Desire but all of the devices are fantastic. Tripollar is another RF manufacturer backed by in-clinic expertise (Tripollar comes from Pollogen), so the science and safety are well established. This brand is a favorite of many members of my community. For those outside the US, you may want to have a look at their innovative Envig devices - the very first fractional RF device for home use (sadly not yet FDA cleared yet!!)

Regional Links:







What: NEWA Radio Frequency

Offer: 30% off devices and kits, exclusive to my community until November 19th after which time you'll be able to stack my standard code (Penny10) on top of NEWA's site-wide 20% discount yielding a total of 28% discount.

For those who want to stock up on gels, you can use my usual code of Penny10 to get a 10% discount throughout the sale period, but the NEWA website only takes one code at a time - so you'll have to do two orders if you want to buy a device AND stock up on gels with a discount 🙃.

Code: PENNY30

When: 30% off now until November 19th, stackable code yielding 28% off from November 20th through 29th


The NEWA has been a solid RF device enjoyed by my Facebook community for years. I love that it's ergonomically designed and fits nicely both in the hand and around the curves of the face. And it comes from Endymed who make in-clinic RF, so you know there's solid technology behind it.


- Now through November 19th using code PENNY30 for 30% off devices and kits

- Ongoing for 10% off gels and devices with code PENNY10 AND will stack on top of NEWA's site-wide from November 20-29th to give a total of 28% discount



Faustina 3-in-1 IPL What: The Faustina 3-in-1 is a powerful at-home IPL device designed to address a range of skin concerns. Offer: 20% off all devices - exclusive to my community. Code: Penn When: Until November 30th

Notes: I first covered the Faustina four years ago!! It's a great little device that can be used for hair removal, pigmentation and acne! Here's my dedicated Faustina video.





What: Nira Laser and Pro


Code: When: Notes: The NIRA was launched a few years ago, designed for the smaller areas around the eyes and mouth. This year, the Boston-based company launched the NIRA Pro that was designed both for providing quicker coverage of larger areas of the face as well as the body. Link:


FTC: Links in this post are affiliate ~ Please note that all links on this page are affiliate and if you choose to shop from them I appreciate your support!!!

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Content provided on this blog is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or skin related diagnosis or treatment options. Information on this website should not be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare/skin professional. The statements made about specific products throughout this website are not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. It is important that you check labels to determine if a product is right for you. Before starting any treatment at home consult a health care or skin care professional to determine if it’s right for you.

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