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Labor Day Skincare Sales 2023

Updated: Sep 2

Some of the skincare and devices I've loved for ages are on sale!! Several are exclusive to my community. Enjoy!


ZiiP HALO Microcurrent

You may know that ZiiP is one of my all-time favorite devices. It has been part of my skincare routine since I first picked it up a few years ago. It's reliable, gives results, and is an absolute pleasure to use.

Good for: 15% off, site-wide on ZiiP website (for US) and entire ZiiP line (including conductive gels) on CurrentBody website (for outside the US). This is the lowest discount on ZiiP HALO- and exclusive to my community 😀! Be sure to use the code PENNZIIP because it also stacks on certain sales!!

Until: Midnight September 4th

Discount: The discount is good for both US and world-wide. The team at ZiiP has assured

me that this is the lowest discount they're offering, and is exclusive to my community. US link: Ziip Beauty website Halo & Gels Collection Sets

Code for device in the US: PENNZIIP

Code for gels in the US: PENNZIIP Rest of world link: Current Body website (be sure to select your country once you reach the site)


Learn more by watching this incredible interview with Ziip Beauty founder, Melanie Simon.

The most IMPRESSIVE skincare device SEQUEL I've ever seen! ALL your questions answered...and more!


This is a brand that really has my interest. I'm doing a deep dive on their entire range of products and will be reporting back this fall and will share more about why I love these devices and how I fit them into my routine. So far I'm really impressed with the following items:

  • Infrared sauna blanket. I'll start using this again as the weather cools down. There is so much amazing data behind the health benefits of Infrared - more soon from me on this. In the mean time, I'll just let you know that I love my HigherDose sauna blanket.

  • PEMF Pad. I've had this PEMF pad for about six months. The infrared heat raises your core body temperature to boost circulation while the PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology mimics the Earth's healing vibrations to enhance the body's natural recovery process.

  • I also really like the LED mask - still checking for a sale here

25% across the brand on The 25% off discount is EXCLUSIVE TO MY COMMUNITY

Good for: Site-wide the entire HigherDose line of products on (except wearable LEDs which are available at 20% off directly on HigherDose sight, below)

Until: Midnight PST September 4th

Discount: 25% off Link for Infrared Sauna Blanket and PEMF:

Code for Infrared Sauna Blanket and PEMF: PENNDOSE

Wearable LEDs from HigherDose

Link for Mask:

Link for Neck Enhancer:

Code for HigherDose Wearables : LDW20


Good for: Radio Frequency devices (excluding Envig Edge)

Until: Midnight September 5th

Discount: 30% off



Learn More


I've been raving about LightSalon since I discovered the British brand over a year ago. This female owned brand were actually the first to introduce the wearable silicon mask so many of us know and love today. The LightSalon founders conceived of, funded and introduced the mask that would later be copied by a slew of bigger brands. For that, they have my admiration. Since then, they've introduced a neck/décolleté device, an innovative collar (useful on neck but also very flexible to use and brilliant to travel with) and a pain patch. All of their devices offer red/NIR in the optimal wavelengths for skin rejuvenation and tissue healing.

30% off entire range (except collection sets)

UK and US:

Good for: 30% off

Until: Midnight September 5th

Discount: US, UK and EMEA Code: PENN (for both device and gels)

Learn more about LED by visiting this blog post

CurrentBody LED Range

CurrentBody has a huge collection of 'things LED' so a great place to shop from if you're not sure what you're after.

Good for: Led range, including bundles with hydrogels. Just follow the link below to see everything that is covered under the sale!

Until: Midnight September 5th

Discount: 17% off exclusive to my community! Link:


Learn more by visiting the LED blog post linked above (just click on the pic)

NIRA Laser

We've had lots of activity in my Facebook group with people not only asking about the standard NIRA but also their the PRO NIRA Laser. While I've not yet had a chance to evaluate the new NIRA device, I have it waiting for me to start up with in September (I'll focus on my body.). I'll keep you posted as I start using the NIRA. In the mean time I wanted to share this code with you.

Good for: 15% off

Until: Midnight September 4th

Discount Code: PENNY

Precision Laser:

Precision Collection:

Pro Laser:

Pro Collection:

Ultimate Antiaging Collection:

NEWA is the home RF that I've been using the longest. They're having a Labor Day sale and my discount code STACKS on top of their discounts

Good for: Sitewide

Until: Limited time/end of sale date unknown Code: Penny10 stacks on top of sale discounts


Learn more about how to use Newa for lifting and firming in this blog post



I love the entire OneSkin line, but FACE is where it all started, and I use it every day! The science (and women) behind these products is jaw-dropping. If you haven't already, I'd encourage you to have a look at my blog and video, linked below.

Good for: Use my usual code of Penn15 to get 15% off PLUS when you buy each of the things below you'll receive minis of the corresponding products:

  1. Buy OneSkin FACE - receive free FACE mini + PREP mini + BODY mini

  2. Buy OneSkin PREP: receive free 1 FACE mini

  3. Buy OneSkin BODY: receive free FACE mini + PREP mini

  4. Buy OneSkin EYE: receive free FACE mini + PREP mini

Until: End of the day September 5th

Code: Penn15

Applies to: One-time purchases and the first order of new subscriptions of the 50mL bottle of OneSkin FACE


Learn more about my thoughts on OneSkin:


Good for: Site wide (some exclusions apply)

Until: September 4th, midnight EST

Code: no code needed


Learn More I have so many products from this brand that I am struggling to find time to test them all!!! So far I really love the Crystal Retinol Serums, they are available in 5 progressive strengths so you can start with the lowest (if needed) and work your way up. I have also been using the Medik8 Hydrate B5 Intense, I use this on nights that I need extra hydration, I like to layer it up with a toner and moisturizer.

Dear Lucy

Good for: Marine Antioxidant Serum

Until: End of the day September 5th

Code: Penn20


Learn More This serum is packed with such beautiful ingredients. It is so elegant - the packaging, formulation and application. While I like to layer this along with several products, it's the type of mulitiasking serum that could help reduce steps in a routine. I'm so impressed by this female-owned Canadian indie brand.


I have such enthusiasm for this company. I learned about them when I discovered their M4 Estriol Face Cream (there is such a compelling reason to feed our skin with low doses of estrogen from when we're 40+)

But beyond M4, I have such admiration for Alloy. I'd strongly encourage you to sign up for their newsletter - their videos and other education tools are invaluable. They're pioneering women who are changing the face of menopausal healthcare - and making answers, resources and prescriptions available for women in all 50 states. (I get my HRT from Alloy)

Good for: $25 off initial purchase of anything on their site

Until: Friday 9/1 through Monday 9/4 at midnight EST.

Discount: $25 off

Code: PENN25


Learn more about my thoughts on Alloy by visiting My Menopause Toolkit blog post


I've loved DRMTLGY for years. It's one of those brands that simply doesn't have a 'poor cousin' - I love all of the products (my current Favorites are the Needleless Serum, Universal Tinted Moisturizer, and the Sooth + Recovery Cream. Ahhhh, and the foot cream and the microdermabrasion scrub. OH! And the water creme moisturizer...You get the idea

Good for: All products, sitewide

Until: September 5th at midnight

Discount: varies Code: see picture for codes


Learn more about my thoughts on DRMTLGY by visiting my playlist on Youtube!


Good for: Sitewide!

Until: End of the day September 5th

Discount: 25% off & free shipping on purchases 25+



Learn More Just click on the picture below to see a great brand overview. I have discovered so many more amazing products from this brand since filming, Dermelect has quickly become a favorite! I will definitely be stocking up during this sale!

Paula's Choice

Good for: Sitewide!

Until: End of the day September 4th

Discount: 20% off for orders under $95, 25% off for orders over $95


Code: no code needed

Learn More Some of my favorite products from Paula's Choice are the Azelaic Acid Booster, Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant & the Youth Extending Daily Hydrating Sunscreen.



Good for: 26% off most brands + 3 rewards points on your next purchase!


Discount: varies


Code: LD26

Learn More This is a great "medical grade" skincare site that is run by Leah Parks, a wonderful woman whom I love to support!


Good for: SkinMedica & EltaMD

Until: SkinMedica- end of the day September 6th

EltaMD- end of the day Spetember 4th

Discount: 15% off SkinMedica,

20% off EltaMD


Code: for Skinmedica- SKINMEDICA

for EltaMD- SKIN20

Learn More From the brand "SkinStore is your destination for the best in beauty discovery—shop the world's widest range of professional, proven skin care and build the ultimate routine."

I have shopped for and recommended products from SkinStore for several years, they are a wonderful company and will always have my support!

XO Penn

FTC: ALL links in this post are affiliate. This means that if you shop through these links I will receive a commission. This is NOT a sponsored post. These are my favorites that I have reviewed many times. Thank you for supporting me and my content. Thank you so much for being my people!

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