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Gift Guide: Skincare Devices to give and receive! NuFace, NEWA, Faustina IPL and more!!

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People generally love to have skincare treatments done by professionals. In my mind, going to have a facial, microcurrent treatment, IPL or radiofrequency treatment in a treatment room is one of the most effective and enjoyable part of looking after myself.

But, increasingly, women like to be in the 'driver's seat' when it comes to skincare. So many of us have seen the benefits of investing in skincare devices that we can use at our convenience in our own homes. With gifting season upon us, I'm getting lots of questions about which devices are best to offer to friends and family members who are wanting to invest a bit of time looking after their skin.

I think skincare devices can make the most thoughtful gifts; they encourage self-care, they save the recipient money and they really are gifts that keep on giving, as most devices will last for years if well taken care of.

So, of the literally hundreds of at-home skincare options out there, I've put together a list of devices that I think are perfect for giving (and receiving!). I've outlined which device is best for which 'gripe', how easy they are to use and how much discomfort, if any, the user can expect. Importantly, I've worked hard to find you the very best prices out there.

(my accompanying video is at the bottom of this blog - do watch if you want an overview!)


UPDATED Saturday 27 November 10am

- Faustina IPL is SOLD OUT. We're in touch with them to understand when the item will be restocked. Our apologies and thank you for your understanding. We'll update as soon as we know more.

UPDATED Friday 27 November 2pm Oregon time

- Added Mito Mini

UPDATED Friday 27 November at 10am Oregon time

- Updated link on PICO TONER Microcurrerent device as well as WW shipping info

UPDATED Wednesday 25 November 2pm Oregon time

- NEWA codes corrected

- NuFACE Fix UK link added (for £75 via LookFantastic!!)

- Pico Toner code and link added (discount starts on Black Friday)

- Illuminated Green LED disc added (50% off!!, discount starts on Black Friday)

- 💜 when you see this symbol you'll know it's an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT with the very best price


Best for: Skin tightening on the face and neck.

How it works: NEWA heats the dermal layer of skin in order to stimulate collagen, remodeling without overheating or damaging the surface skin. You'll want to commit to using it 4 times per week for best results, each session might take 20-25 mins depending on how many areas treated.

Pain level: Low, it feels quite pleasant - but keep the device moving, leaving it one area for too long can create too much heat.

Why I love it: I've been using my NEWA regularly for about four months. The NEWA is based on the same tech that you'll find in clinics. It works, it's pleasant and easy to keep in my routine.

Who I'll buy it for:40+ skincare lover who has time in her routine for a bit of pampering (and wants to see firmer skin!!).

Best current deals:

US: bit.ly/NEWA146

Code: PENNPLUS gets you an additional 20% off NEWA's Black Friday price, taking their WIRELESS device down from $399 to $216

(if you prefer to buy a corded device you can still use my regular code: PENNY10 to get 10% all WIRED devices

UK: In the UK the NEWA Starter Kit, with festive packaging, will be available for £249 (a savings of £100!!) https://www.newabeauty.co.uk/#PENNSMITH

Deal dates: 23rd November until midnight on the 30th of November (UK)


Best for: Fading pigmentation, blitzing broken capillaries

How it works: The Faustina IPL uses a range of pulsed light wavelengths that pass through the epidermis and penetrate deep into the skin, where the light energy causes damage to the pigment/broken capillaries. The body then gradually removes the damaged melanin while stimulating fibroblasts to produce new collagen and tighten elastin fibers. The result is more uniform and healthier-looking skin. You'll want to use it 3-4 times per week initially.

Pain level: Low, tolerable it feels a bit like having a rubber band zapped against the skin.

Why I love it: The Faustina IPL REALLY works to get rid of those pesky broken capillaries and fade pigmentation/age spots. I've heard of some women clearing up broken capillaries in less than a month. When you have an IPL treatment performed by a professional you'll often need to return every year or so for a 'top-up'. I love that the Faustina IPL is a 'buy once, use indefinitely' option!!

Who I'll buy it for: A friend/family member who might have a need to treat acne, hair removal, and pigmentation/broken capillaries all in the same household... I'm thinking moms with teenage children!

Best deal:

US/Canada/UK/Europe: 10% off FAUSTINA 2.000.000 flashes using

USE CODE: PennSmith for 10% off (includes FREE SHIPPING to US, UK, Europe, and Canada). They're a lovely company to deal with so feel comfortable buying direct (and they're a small business!)



You'll also find on Amazon US https://amzn.to/3lSVIJB

More info:

Learn more about the Faustina IPL in my video

NOTE: the lamp provided using my code offers 2,00,000 not 500,000 as I mentioned in my video. Yippee!!




Best for: Lifting brows, targetting crow's feet

How it works: Think of the NuFace Fix as the little sister of the NuFace Mini. It uses exactly the same microcurrent to stimulate the muscles and cellular energy, just with a much smaller tool that's ideal for above the mouth and around the eyes.

Pain level: None

Why I love it: I've only had my Fix for about a month but I adore it for convenience and effectiveness. It is literally the size of a fancy pen so tucks inside my handbag. A few weeks ago when we were running lots of home renovation errands I left it in the glove compartment of the car and used it every time we ran an errand (husband driving of course!!)

Who I'll buy it for: Someone who is concerned with drooping brows or crow's feet but can't commit to a long or complex routine. The Fix is possibly the easiest/quickest device I've ever used - and it really does lift those brows!

Best deal:

US: Skinstore https://tidd.ly/3nHZ0ji (marked down to $149 then an additional 20% off taken at checkout making it $111 for the device AND the gel)

Deal dates: TBD (going on now through...?)

UK: LookFantastic has it currently for £75 including gel! https://go.magik.ly/ml/12r4h/

Deal dates: TBD (going on now through...?)


Best for: Great all-rounder. Helps with acne, hair loss, boosting skin circulation

How it works: High-frequency generates electricity that activates argon or neon gas to address acne and stimulating hair growth and collagen induction, depending on usage and probes used.

Pain level: None

Why I love it: High-frequency devices have been used in the esthetic field for a donkey's age. They are brilliant at zapping P Acne bacteria, keeping breakouts a bay. High-frequency is also part of my arsenal to address thinning hair and support overall skin health.

Who I'll buy it for: Like the Faustina IPL, this is a device I love to recommend to mothers who have teenagers in the house. The combination of supporting skin health, addressing pimples, and helping with hair loss means that it has an application for nearly every member of the family.

Best deal:

US: Amazon https://amzn.to/371BoPO I will update if this goes on sale!

UK: :https://amzn.to/3kToBnq (I will update as I get more info, this is the best I could find)

More info: Bear in mind that the attachments on High-frequency devices are made of glass. It isn't a device I'd recommend for handling by small children, the elderly or the clumsy!

Learn more about High-frequency https://youtu.be/ur_Mch64Sxg Watch this video :)



Portable red light therapy in the palm of your hand, the Mito Mobile conveniently slips into your backpack, purse, or carry-on luggage.Wireless and rechargeable, take it on a plane or on the road.

Pain level: none

Why I love it: Same fantastic quality and technology as other Mito products (Mito are my favorite Red LED providers), but easy to take with you! Who I'll buy it for: Anybody who travels a lot or doesn't have lots of space for a larger LED panel Best Deal:

US: $70 off the NEW MOBILE device



Best for: Improving the quality of the skin on the body.

How it works: PMD Clean Body has three modes: Cleanse, Exfoliation, and Massage. For the cleanse bit, you use an attachment with hygienic silicone bristles that are antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and odor resistant. For exfoliating, it has two attachments, one gentle and another more intense (for use on fronts of thighs, backs of arms, and other areas that might have bumps or callouses - both of these attachments have antibacterial properties. Finally, the massager is a great tool for tired muscles or to move lymph and can be used either inside the shower or out with body oil.

Pain level: None! Quite enjoyable to use.

What I love about it: One of the few skincare devices for the body that’s easy to use, versatile AND effective. I picked up the PMD Clean Body on impulse but I'm SO glad I did.

Who I'll buy it for: This is a great gift for someone who wants to spend more time on their body. It is a real pleasure to use and honestly turns my morning shower into a much more enjoyable experience. I'm thinking of buying this for a few of the men in my family (there's both a blue and a pink, not that it should make a difference!)

Best deal:

US: https://go.magik.ly/ml/12klw/

Deal dates: Will update with any sales

UK: Searching

Deal dates: TBD

💜 NeurotriS PICO TONER

Best For: Those serious about addressing muscle laxity and sagging skin on the face and neck.

How it works: Microcurrent

Pain level: None at all.

What I love about it: I love just about everything about the Pico Toner. Its small but seriously mighty. At 1000 microamps, it's the strongest at-home device that I'm aware of. I love that it's chargeable and attaches to my wrist so I can walk around the house, answer the door, make a cup of coffee, etc, in the middle of a treatment. Using the gloves with wrist attachment literally means that the unit becomes part of me... nothing to drop or trip over or plugin. While it comes with gloves, it also has the option of probes.. and these are seriously professional-grade probes. Mostly I love it for its efficacy; the Pico Toner is set apart from other microcurrent devices in that it measures the impedance of your skin (how skin thickness, hydration levels, and other factors are facilitating or limiting the microcurrent), and then gives the precis ‘dose’ of microcurrent. Seriously advanced technology.

Who I'll buy it for: This is an amazing gift for the skincare enthusiast who wants to invest in a device that's as close to what you'll get in a clinic as you can buy (NeurotriS makes clinical devices that cost upwards of $5000)

Best deal: I'm absolutely thrilled to say that I've been able to arrange a special deal with NeurotriS who makes the Pico toner.

Deal dates: 27 November - 30 November

USE LINK:http://neurotris.com/cart/cmd.php?af=1696255

USE CODE: BLACKFRIDAYPENN - The PICO is normally $595 and they're offering it for $495 from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU USE BOTH MY LINK AND MY CODE TO GET THE ADDITIONAL $50 DISCOUNT bringing the price to $445.

They'll ship Worldwide, check website for fees

More info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIlA91Vhzgc&t=485s

🇺🇸 Made in the USA by a SMALL BUSINESS


💜 Illuminated Green LED

I've been using this super high-quality lluminate LED Panel for the last 3 months to help with the melasma on my face, neck, and arms.

It's small but perperectly formed - the disc itself is 4 inches in diameter, battery-operated (chargeable) and super portable. The light is so powerful that you can get a treatment in 90 seconds!!

Specs: 15mw/cm2 optical power, 250 green 520nm LEDs

🇺🇸 Made in the USA by a SMALL BUSINESS

USE CODE: penngreen for 50% off, bringing price from $250 to $125 https://illuminateled.com/product/illuminate250g/

💜 EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT! (not affiliate)

Nebulyft Radio Frequency: I'm testing this device but want to be responsible and get ALL the specs for you. Be patient and gather all info before investing. I promise as soon as I can differentiate this device from the NEWA in a meaningful way, I will. Until then, I recommend waiting. In addition, I'm working on a discount to accompany that scientific data so you save money AND have all the info you need. Don't settle until you know what you're buying!

I'll be updating this blog post every day! Please check back AND be sure to check the other sale blog posts BEFORE you buy. I'm working like a madwoman to update often to save you as much as possible!!


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