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EARLY ACCESS: My list of 2022 Black Friday SALES!

I've had lots of requests for a simple blog that lists my codes/deals for this sale season. So here it is, just the details!!

I know there are a zillion things on sale right now but I've kept this list to things that I really love. DO CHECK BACK. I will be adding sales Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday....and so on (I have to keep some of it quiet until the day so save this page and check back!) If you haven't signed up for my newsletter please do (on the home page of this site) to get notified when I update!

IF you live outside the US and UK all my deals are good through CurrentBody. Use the links below and once on site go to the "flag" and select your region. My codes will work everywhere!

Also, be sure to visit my Holiday Gift Guide (creating it right now!) on my Amazon storefront for great gift ideas, sales on skincare, devices, haircare and so much more!!! I will continue to update this guide through out the holiday season.



Note for those of you shopping for LED devices this season: If you already have a sense of what type of device you're looking for, there are some FANTASTIC deals below - have fun!! However, if you're unsure of whether LED is for you or how to decide which device might best suit your needs, you could always wait a few days. I recently published this in-depth LED blog which will include info about the science, how to choose between different device types, and a comprehensive FAQ session.



What: All items except collection SETS Offer: 28% off

Code: PennSmithBF28 (works both in the US and abroad) When: NOW through the end of the month Notes: I LOVE the LightSalon as a company and I especially love their Collar - it's one of my top 3 LED devices, so portable and versitle. Light salon is THE original mask- all others came after. The specs are the same as Omnilux, CurrentBody and others that you see that look the same. Knowledge is power people! Link:

PS I LOVED getting a Light Salon Pro treatment while in London!

CurrentBody Skin LED Neck and Dec Perfector What: LED Neck and Dec Perfector Offer: 25% off

Code: PennLED When: November 14th - 29th Link: UK link:

CurrentBody Skin What: LED Light Therapy Mask

Offer: 25% off

Code: PennLED When: November 14th - 29th Link: UK link: Other region links:


What: Dermalux Flex MD Light Therapy Device Offer: $250 off 💗 exclusive to my community

Code: PennFLEX When: November 14th - 29th Notes: The Flex MD is a certified medical device, tested against stringent quality, safety and efficacy standards and independently verified to deliver against medical claims (such as psoriasis, wound healing, pain managment, acne) Link: UK link: Other region links: Just use the link above and then go to the "flag" and then choose your region. All my discounts

are valid for CurrentBody in all regions.


What: Entire line

Offer: Tiered discount :

$50 off 1 device: code GIFT1

$120 off 2 devices: code GIFT2

$240 off 3+ devices: code GIFT3

Code: use codes above When: Nov. 18th-29th

Notes: I think the Omnilux Contour Glove is so handy (pun intended :)). And who doesn't need to work on their hands!! Link:

Qure What: This is VERY new to me. It is a structured (hard sided) LED mask that uses an APP to personalize the LED treatment. Offer: Up to 55% off on their site

Code: No codes, discounts already applied

When: Happening now Notes: The jury is out on comfort, but I love the option for customization. Link:

Mito Red Lights

What: The entire line of Mito Mobile are on sale. While small, these portable devices could be a great introduction for someone who has been eyeing a panel but not sure.

- Mito Mobile

- Mito Mobile Flex. *This one is interesting as you can switch between red and NIR without sacrificing coverage/output. Could be a good option for someone who has pigmentation issues and wants pure red light.

- Mito Belt - good for back pain. Offer: 15% off mobile devices

Code: Penny15 When: Until Friday, December 2nd Note: While full size Mito panels aren't on sale for Black Friday, you can stil use my Code 'Penny' for 5% off these items. Link:

Radio Frequency


What: Radio Frequency skin tightening device Offer: Up to 20% off + and extra 10% with my stackable code!

Code: Penny10 is a stackable code for an extra 10% off When: Ongoing Notes: I have used the Newa for years and still absolutely love it! Link:


What: RF devices for skin tightening/collagen stimulation Offer: 25% off plus extra discount

Code: Use code PENNY10 at checkout for an additional discount When: 11/18-11/28 Link:



What: IPL (for Skin Rejuvenation, Hair Removal, and Acne) Offer: 20% off

Code: Penn When: November 15th - 28th Notes: I did a video on this three years ago - it's still a top pick in this category Link:


What: Pure Mini IPL Hair Removal Device Offer: 10% off

Code: PennSS When: November 14th - 29th Notes: A new to me device that I am testing for hair removal Link:

Uk Link:


ZiiP What: ZiiP Microcurrent Offer: 30% OFF!

When: NOW through next Thursday Nov. 24 Notes: Stock could be limited

ALSO!! ZIIP GELS are 30% OFF! First time I have ever seen

the gels discounted! the

Code for device alone: Penn

Code for gels alone or device plus extra gel (the ZiiP comes with an initial gel): PennGel Link:

NuFACE What: Nuface Devices/Nuface brand Offer: on Skinstore: 25% off PLUS stackable discount

Code: Stackable discount with code PENNY at checkout

When: 11/18-11/28 Link:

UK links: CurrentBody is the best place internationally for Nuface ON AMAZON 25% off and Prime shipping


HigherDose What: Infrared Sauna Blanket Offer: Exclusive to us! An additional 15% off on top of their 20% off promo 💗 bringing this at home sauna blanket to my $407.15 from $599!! I LOVE mine!

Code: PennDOSE When: November 14th - 21st Link: UK link:


What: Halo Hair Dryer Offer: 10% off (Zuvi rarely gives discounts!!)

Code: PennZuvi When: November 14th - 29th Notes: I love my Zuvi - in this video I tell you why! Link:

UK Link:


What: Droplette Device

Offer: 40% off Droplette device

Code: Penn40

When: Through the end of the day, Monday 28 November


What: Droplette Growth Factor Set: Droplette device in Cobalt Blue plus 28 Growth Factor Capsules

Offer: Sale price after discount is $480, down from $679

Code: PennHolidaySet

When: Through the end of the day, Monday 28 November



What: Entire range of Dermaplaning Tools Offer: 30% off sitewide

Code: 30FORYOU When: November 22nd-29th Link:



What: Entire range Offer: 20% off

Code: Penn20 When: Ongoing Notes: My discount is the best discount available and the same as their Black Friday sale. They offer 15% off typically (except through me, very fortunate to get to oiffer a higher discount year round!). Link:


What: Entire range... MY OVERALL FAVORITE SKINCARE LINE! Offer: 30% OFF SITE WIDE. Biggest sale of the year!!

Code: BLACKFRIDAY When: NOW-11/27 Notes: They decided to do early access to their sale so it is on NOW!

My favorites:

The new LA serum. Lactic acid and brighteners hydrate and exfoliate the skin gently. Helps with hyperpigmentation and texture. SO good over needleless serum a couple nights a week overnight.

Universal Tinted Moisturizer. This has been my go-to for YEARS now. SPF 46 in a silky beautiful neutral tint.

Needleless Serum. This is iconic honestly. A cocktail of peptides, humectants and good-for-your-skin ingredients make this a go to for me! So great after cosmetic needling too!

Peptide Night Cream. Make no mistake, this can be used day and night. Packed with peptides this cream feeds the skin while it hydrates and moisturizes. So silky and light while packing a serious anti-aging punch!

Soothe and Recovery Cream. This is fantastic for dry skin or skin with a compromised barrier (flakes? This could help!).

Drmtlgy is already reasonably priced but with 30% off? Crazy good deals!! This is the best skincare sale so far!



What: ENTIRE SITE Offer: 30% off + free shipping

Code: FRIDAYFEELS When: Ongoing Notes: This is one of my top two brands. Drmtlgy is the other. I love so many things from this french brand...Toleriane, Cicalfate, Eau thermale.....

Staples in my skincare arsenal!! Link:


What: ENTIRE SITE Offer: 25% off

Code: 25friday When: Ongoing Notes: This is a very buzzy hair brand that caters to growing healthy hair. I am testing their hair serum on a bald spot :-/ . I will report back! Link:


What: Select brands Offer: 25%-30% off plus a stacked discount on lots of items

Code: "Penny" is the stackable code When: November 18th-28th Link:


What: Most brands Offer: 30% off + 2x rewards

Code: PENNYBF30 When: Ends December 1 Notes: MY FAVORITE place to buy "medical grade" skincare. Customized service from a licensed esthetician. Leah Parks is a GEM. Link:


What: Entire range Offer: 25% OFF Site-wide early access

Code: CYBER22 When: Nov. 21st-Dec. 1st Notes: Their silk sunscreen is one of my favorites Link:

Priori (DNA Repair Enzymes)

What: Entire range Offer: 30% off discount automatically applied.

Code: no code needed When: 11/24-11/29 Notes: This DNA repair enzyme product is packed with 3 DNA repair enzymes along with other amazing ingredients in a silky lotion. Link:


What: Entire range Offer: 15% off 💗 (an exclusive to my community!)

Code: Penn15 When: November 16th - 28th (expires 11:59pm PST) Notes: This is a new favorite - a DNA repair serum that's beyond elegant. Link:


What: One of my FAVORITE brands for cutting edge formulations! Offer: Reviv-C 20% off,20% off HA7X Multi-Molecular Hydrator Serum, and 25% off lash serum

Code: PennyC20 for vitamin C, code BlackFridayLash for Lash serum

(limit 2 each for both), and Code PennyHA7X20 for the HA7X

When: Live NOW - Vitamin C and HA7X promos go through Dec 1, Lash promo ends Nov 30 Notes: This is my favorite vitamin C right now- what a cocktail!! The HA7X is a fantastic alternative to the Skinmedica HA5 rejuvenating hydrator. I JUST started the lash serum (very excited!). Prostaglandin-free so no worry about orbital fat loss! Link:


What: Entire Maysama skincare range, but excludes beauty accessories Offer: 22% off 💗 (exclusive to my community!) Code: PennBF

When: November 14 through 1st December 23:59 GMT Notes: I love to use Maysama serum before my daily red/NIR LED Link:


What: Entire line of The Ordinary and NIOD Offer: 23% off When: Until November 30 Notes: COPPER PEPTIDES! Need I say more? lol Links: See my latest video with helpful speed reviews here

The Ordinary:


Coco & Eve

What: Select Products Offer: up to 50% off

Code: Coco When: Novemeber 18th-28th Notes: The pre-shampoo bond buider, the Sunny Hunny self tanning mousse and the deep conditioner are massive hits for me! Links:


What: Entire Range Offer: 25% off + Free shipping

Code: BF25 When: November 21st-26th Notes: A few months ago I received their Enhance Brightening Cleansing Powder and it was a big hit for me!!! Links:

Dr. Brandt

What: Entire Range Offer: 40% off sitewide!

Code: BF40 When: November 21st-26th Links:


What: Entire range Offer: 30%-40% off When: November 22nd-30th Notes: I have especially been loving their new Banana Pudding Cleansing Body Exfoliator, smells so good! Links:

La Roche Posay

What: Entire range Offer: 25% off

Code: THANKYOU25 When: November 23rd-26th Notes: The Substian line is new-ish to me and I LOVE it. So many great items-Toleriane, The LRP adapalene... If you love LRP this is a good sale. Links:

Paula's Choice

What: Entire range Offer: 20% off + free gifts when you spend over $75

Code: Merry When: November 24th-29th Links:


What: Entire range Offer: 20% off + free shipping When: November 24th-27th Notes: The dry shampoo is a long time favorite! Links:

FTC: Links in this post are affiliate ~ Please note that all links on this page are affiliate and I participate in the Amazon Associates program which is an affiliate program. Any time you see an Amazon link it is affiliate. If you choose to use my links please know that I appreciate it!

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Content provided on this blog is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or skin related diagnosis or treatment options. Information on this website should not be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare/skin professional. The statements made about specific products throughout this website are not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. It is important that you check labels to determine if a product is right for you. Before starting any treatment at home consult a health care or skin care professional to determine if it’s right for you.

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