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Microneedling Schedule

Updated: Jun 29

During microneedling and directly after (Day 0): HMW Hyaluronic Acid

Clinical Intervention: LED (red/near IR)

Days 1-5: HMW HA, Vitamin C, Green Tea, Resveratrol,

Growth Factors, Kiwi seed oil, moisturizer, sun protection

(FYI: kiwi is 60% Alpha linoleic acid,

rich in vitamjin C+E and helps retain moisture)

Clinical Intervention: LED and Enzymes (mask/wash)

Day 6-14: HMW HA, Vitamin A (day 7-10 or so),

Vitamin C, Green Tea, Copper Peptides,

Azelaic acid, moisturizer, Kiwi Seed oil and sun protection

Clinical Intervention: LED, Enzymes, cosmetic needling, microcurrent

Day 15-28/29: HMW HA, Vitamin A (stopping at least 3 days

before next session), Vitamin C, green tea,

copper peptides, Azelaic acid, moisturizer, kiwi seed oil and sun protection

Clinical Intervention: LED, Microcurrent, cosmetic needling

Day 29/30(or so): Needle again

The topicals are suggestions, I don't use them all. This chart is just what things are best and when.

At home Microneedling pens I currently own and recommend most (ranked here by my preference):

*All underlined content is a clickable link

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Dr Pen A6 click here to view

Dr Pen A6S click here to view (this one is actually my favorite BUT it is very hard to find right now so I have it ranked last until it is easier to find and replace the cartridges).

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