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⛱☀️🍉4th of July Skincare Sales⛱☀️🍉

Updated: Jul 5

Hi everybody!!

Several of my favorite skincare companies are offering 4th of July sales so I thought it might be useful to put the ones that are happening on products I already love - in one place. So here you go! I linked helpful videos with each brand (where applicable), so do check those out as well!

I will update as more brands offer great sales over the next week (many extend their sales long after the 4th!). Some of these sales are the BEST of the summer!

All the links and codes are affiliate, you definitely do not have to use them (feel free to just gather the info!). If you do use my links, thank you.

DRMTLGY 25% off with the code EARLY25 or save 20% year round with code PENN My favorites from this brand: Peptide night cream Soothe and Revovery cream Universal tinted moisturizer (spf 46) Needleless serum Eye masks This is my overall favorite brand…and has been for years. They’re honest, ethical, kind humans that make really great products at reasonable prices. I always have a discount code with them (code PENN) but right now their code is better!

I have several videos on DRMTLGY, here is one sharing the most UNDERRATED Drmtlgy products:

And here is one comparing 3 of their sunscreens AND comparing my favorite moisturizers from the brand (super helpful with swatches)

DERMELECT 25% off sitewide with code SPARKS or save 20% year round with code Penn20 June 29th-July 5th Worth checking out: Sleep serum Neck cream Eye cream Redness relief/corrector Get lifted moisturizer

For a great brand overview on Dermelect watch this video: The BEST SERUM & NECK CREAM I have found in YEARS are from one brand: Dermelect | **NOT SPONSORED

This video shares the tightening serum from Dermelect...such an awesome find!


20% off with code COCO20 or save 15% year round with code Penn15 June 30th-July 5th (Excludes bundles & Youth Revive Hair Range) The self tanner is so good! The hair masks and pre shampoo bond builder are some of my favorite hair products.

Want that sun-kissed glow without the sun damage? Watch this video to see some of my favorite tips for self-tanning at home: Self-tan GAME CHANGERS! Tips + Trix for a GORGEOUS GLOW! PLUS: the PERFECT FACIAL self-tan OVER 40?!

Naturium 20% off all serums with code: SERUM20 Or save 15% off on all other products with code Penny15 Right now the azelaic acid (the derivative serum is my fave of their 2) and retinaldehyde from Naturium are solid in my skincare rotation.

Skinstore Up to 25% off sitewide with code JULY4 June 22nd- July 5th So many things!!! WHEN you go to Skinstore ALWAYS try putting my code “PENNY” in- it is almost always the BEST available discount online (better than anything advertised). It may only be a few more dollars off but it should always be the best discount possible!

Dermaflash 25% off sitewide + free shipping with code GLOW4TH June 29th- July 4th

AVENE 25% off sitewide with code SUMMER25 June 29th-July5th The Tolerance and Cicalfate lines are incredible and the redness relief mask is holy grail for me for massaging without creating a bunch of redness. The eau Thermale is a staple in my skincare as well. Right now I’m loving the compact SPF as foundation AND bronzer (the darker shade)

Watch "Avene Faves and Fails" on Youtube...A great brand overview!


LightSalon is offering my community a 30% discount until end of the day July 17th

Use code Penn30 for 30% off LightSalon devices.

Link to my existing content on the LightSalon Collar and Patch:

ZIIP HALO (this is the new Halo device and gel) code PENNZIIP for a 15% discount on the Halo + the new gel)

Special bundle that the ZiiP team has created EXCLUSIVELY for this community which includes the ZIIP HALO plus a ZiiP Golden Gel and a ZiiP Silver Gel - use code PENNBUNDLE for 25% off, good through the end of the day July 5th. (affiliate)

I had just had the best interview with ZiipBeauty founder Melanie Simon! If you want to get some FREE education on Microcurrent then I highly encourage you to watch this video: The most IMPRESSIVE skincare device SEQUEL I've ever seen! ALL your questions answered...and more!


Find products and devices on sale from Currentbody, Nuface, Foreo and more and use stackable code Penn10 to save an extra 10% off of the sale price!

You can also shop the brand HigherDose at Currrentbody and save 20% off your order with code PENNDOSE (does not stack with other sales).

SkinBeautifulRX 26% off using code USA26 Valid through 6/29/23-7/5/23 Orders over $400 before discount receive a free full sized Revision Skincare DEJ Eye. Love to support Leah!

My Alloy (M4 cream/menopause education and information) You can use code Penn20 for $20 off your first purchase of any product from their site. I encourage you to sign up for their information, and at least familiarize yourself with everything they offer educationally. It is an excellent resource regardless of whether you try their facial product…The other information on this site is INVALUABLE. You can also check out my video: Menopause, estrogen and your SKIN, The REAL medical grade skincare

Some of the best devices for Radio Frequency NEWA & Tripollar are on sale! (btw I am testing the Evenskyn Lumo soon-I bought it and will dedicate 8 weeks to it this fall. Just a heads up!)

Newa 20% off devices & bundles, plus an extra 10% off with code Penny10 Tripollar Stop X Rose is on sale for $129! or use code SUMMER to save 25% off other devices & products.

FTC: ALL links in this post are affiliate. This means that if you shop through these links I will receive a commission. This is NOT a sponsored post. These are my favorites that I have reviewed many times. Thank you for supporting me and my content. Thank you so much for being my people!

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